Rangers of Jasara

The rangers are a ragtag group to say the least. Lead by a goblin and made up of mostly outsider races, it take a special touch for them to be successful but so far they have accomplished great things.

  • Gibben Draxx – Male/Goblin – Lieutenant – 1st in Command – Alchemist – Gibben is loud and while he can handle himself in diplomatic situations he is rather forceful and blunt.
  • Karg – Male/Ogre – Sergeant Minor – 2nd in Command – Bruiser – Karg is a great storyteller and loves spending time reading. But when he gets riled up its best to move out of his way.
  • Balorin Randel – Male/Human – Sergeant Major – 3rd in Command – Archer/Commander – A stoic commander and on assignment with the local military to help organize and train troops.
  • Alexius Marian – Female/Aevakar – Corporal – Messenger – Telepath – Our resident messenger and lancer.
  • Scott Oliver – Male/Human – Ranger at Large – He has been assigned to this region for nearly ten years and has a lot of knowledge and contacts to assist the rangers.

The Outpost

Located about a 20 minute walk north of the village of Brire the outpost is the home and base of operations for the Rangers of Jasara. An old Inn complex, formerly called “The Even Glass”, it has been rebuilt by the Druids Council. It provides everything needed for the rangers. Tavern and Kitchens for food, a bunkhouse for visiting rangers, the inn is used by the higher ranking officers, a stable and achemical labs are all on site. Several neighboring buildings provide homes for the staff and a few more workshops, including a blacksmith, tanner, and tailor.

Malachi Ailey
Gerald Stancil
Jaylin Banford
Keanu Laufer
Frankie Tibbits
Lewis Iden
Ethen Templeman
Kaiden Lemmond
Frank Haig
Erik Delbridge
Hannah Toney
Jenna Potterfield
Alia Kettles
Charity Hinkley
Dylan Hicken
Sade Boddie
Georgia Sharples
Salma Newhall
Deasia Fountain
Blanca Bagg

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Rangers of Jasara

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