Shaintar Justice and Life Campaigns

Justice and Life is the name given to a shared campaign world, where every story matters and every story is considered to be cannon. Each J&L gm gets an area they run their games out of. By working with other gm’s managing areas near and far to their campaign, we build stories both large and small!! To learn more about these games jump over to

The World of Shaintar is part of the Suzerian Continuum.

Evil Beagle Games
Savage Mojo
Pinnacle Entertainment

Rangers of Jasara

A remote ranger outpost located in the City and Kingdom of Jasara.
The Kingdom of Jasara was on the frontlines of the recent wars and has suffered greatly. Between political unrest, weakened defenses and constant attacks by Kal and Prelacy forces, the people need help. The local grove of Druids have reached out to the rangers and a small group has been dispatched. While not part of their jurisdiction the Rangers want to help restore stability and peace to the region.

Recently a breach in the veil between worlds has opened in the evershade forest just north of Jasara. It has caused corruption in the local wildlife and new visitors from a place known as the Accursed Lands have begun to settle into the local environment.

Our home game meets at least twice a month, sometimes more. I also run my convention games launched from this location and hope to add online games in the future.

Artwork Usage

Artwork by Chris Bivins, Jason Engle, Susan Knowles, Carly Sorge, Alida Saxon, James Denton, Tomek Tworek. Used with permission from Evil Beagle Games, all rights reserved. Do not reproduce without express permission.
Other Artwork purchased for use by the GM from Undercity Games Classic Character Sketches , Mongoose Character Portraits: Fantasy Heroes , Mongoose Character Portraits: Fantasy Heroines
Any art not covered under the above statements will have artists credits provided.