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Kingdom of Jasara Notes

  • Size – Total population is between 7-12k people at any one time. This can fluctuate based on trade houses bringing in work force or the goblinesh gathers in the Evershade forest moving south for protection.
  • Geography – Located at the meeting of the Dragon and Shanais Rivers. In the Southern tip of the Evershade forest, On the borders of the Malakar Dominion, the Elven Nations and Olara. The kingdom is approximately 50-60 miles across and the City of Jasara is located on an island measuring 12 miles long and 3 miles across. The rivers join at a set of twin waterfalls that surround the city creating a natural defensive barrier. At the bottom of the waterfalls the shorelines are steep and rocky on the east side and lower and more sandy on the western edge.
  • Government – The Council of Nine rules over the government of the city. They are advised by the Druids Council who oversees most of the local economy source of Ironwood trees. This creates a delicate balance of power in the region.
  • Economy – Ironwood is easily grown in the area. With the help of the druids this slow growing tree is replenished and able to support a small logging trade. With its central location trade is a constant and many trade houses use Jasara as a hub to send product downstream to the coastline.
  • Military – The defensive forces of the kingdom have recovered quite well since the war. The Rangers have made great strides in helping to organize the forces in a way they have never been before. There are three groups within the Military.
    City Watch – Made up mostly soldiers working to protect the main City and Island that Jasara sits on. These troops have been regulated mostly to policing the local populace, manning the city defenses, and close range patrols.
    Dwarven Watch – A large group of forces provided by the local Dwarf clans. They spend most of their time serving as foot soldiers and building or reinforcing the defenses in the kingdom.
    Orc Watch – A large group of shock troops provided by a local goblinesh gather. They have been assigned longer ranging patrols and provide private security for many of the more important and rich locals

More details about the Kingdom and City of Jasara
Rangers of Jasara
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I have a Google Drive folder shared with my players with additional information that has not or will not make it into this wiki.

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