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Ambassador Ravenwing's Visit

From the desk of Gibben Draxx
5th of Harvest moons 3123

Report for the visit of Druidess Enorin RavenWing during Raining Leaves 24-26, 3123

I’ve held off on filing this report so I could take the time to see all the fallout that would occur from these events. I am not proud of my rangers and as their commander take full responsibility for what has come of their actions.
The day started normally enough really. I was given word of an Ambassador visit from the Rangers. The Druidess Ravenwing was to help convince the Council of Nine in Jasara to sign the Ranger Charter giving us a more official authority in the area. As most of the council doesn’t like us much and only tolerates us to appease public opinion I doubt she will have much luck. I prepped my rangers and made sure the Outpost and the Tavern were in good order.
On her arrival, Valitor spent much of the morning falling all over himself trying to please the Druidess and offered his services in whatever capacity she required. She proved herself a diplomat in taking the flattery and praises with a smile. Once everyone was settled in Ravenwing briefed us on her mission to help the Council of Nine sign the Ranger Charter. Before she proceeded into town she did ask for the rangers to investigate a matter of importance in the area. It seems several minor nobles and statesmen have gone missing or been found dead on more than one occasion recently. None of the events have been major or have even been in the same city or kingdom, but the frequency is what has raised attention. The intelligence she has been able to gather points to a group of Malakaran assassins as the responsible party and they have set up shop in the City of Jasara.
I dispatched a small group to investigate as quickly as possible. Valitor, Griatta, Guriel, Krazkar, and Jan silvergear set out for the city to talk to some of our contacts. The group began by visiting our Council of Nine contacts Bale Darktunnel and Leko Kruu. While giving them a heads up on the upcoming visit from the Druidess they learned that House Dolinar has been run out of Jasara, at least for the time being. Bale and Leko are both going to reach out to the rest of the Council to try and sway opinions on the charter for us. They also reminded the group to speak with Byon Edgewater in the market. He has aided us before with information on some floater traffic in the docks. This time the group was able to learn that House Fayden has been using a house on the north side of town. From what he has gathered its a place for visiting agents and merchants alike to gather and stay while in town.
While Valitor spent a months wages on some new cloths from Byon in gratitude for his aid. The rest of the group had been watching the market. Krazkar noticed one merchant watching valitor closely and sending a young boy with a message to a house on the north side. Once the group was back together and compared notes it seemed the boys destination aligned with the address Byon had provided.
From what the group tells me, they used the idea of a possible child in danger excuse to try and gain entry to the home and lot. Jan used some dwarven tech to see inside the building while Valitor and Krazkar tried to speak with the guards at the door. No sign of a child on the property existed by the guards admission and by Jan’s investigation. After trying one door the group spread out around the property to look around more without going inside. Valitor approached another door to try and gain entrance and was again denied. Valitor lost his temper and kicked in the door.
At this point I want it on record that my rangers have already been disciplined and these type of actions will NOT occur again. A copy of this report is also being filled with the Druids Council of Jasara, Council of Nine and the City watch. So that we as rangers are showing that we are not a pack of wild dogs and want to work in cooperation and transparency to the local governments and guardsmen. That this was an isolated incident and this type of behavior will not happen again.
As small skirmish broke out at this point by the residents of the home defending themselves against the rangers. The gritty details are not important only that the situation was ended by one of the House leaders fleeing the residence to find the city watch. Valitor went with him and other than a few minor injuries and damage to the door, the situation was resolved. Before leaving the scene the rangers did pay House fayden from their own pockets to replace the door.
To say the least no evidence of assassins was found and the rangers were politely asked to leave town for a few days. When they returned I was briefed by each member of the team and the Druidess helped me work through the details. After speaking with my fellow commanders we decided that the Entire team would spend the week restricted guard and cleaning duty. As Valitor was the instigator and Krazkar his direct commander they were both sent to work for the city watch for an additional 2 weeks. This work was without pay from the rangers and their assignments would be determined by Yer’ach Kale (commander of the City watch) with supervision by our own Sergeant Major Balorin Randel.
Two days after this incident the Druidess visited Jasara to see the city and meet the Council of Nine. She had visited with Councilmen Darktunnel and Kruu and they have made great progress in bringing the Council of nine to our side. Councilmen Jysalin Balnor and Moke Ekala have both agreed to vote for the charter. This leaves us a political battle to get the remaining vote. While this is good news it may be difficult to accomplish. While on a tour of the city with Bale Darktunnel the Druidess and the guards provided by the Council were attacked at the edge of the lower market. Bale survived with only minor injuries. I’m saddened to report the Druidess did not survive the attack along with over half of the guards. We will continue to investigate through all official channels and work diligently with the City watch to find these criminals and bring them to justice.

Riders Log: The Quarry of broken Towers
Gamers Giving 3rd game

Albion Longshadow
Luna Sky – Ranger 1st Class
Guriel – Ranger 1st Class
??- Orc Fighter(Gamers Giving Patron)
??- Human mage (Gamers Giving Patron)

From the Eyes of Albion Longshadow

I have never been as lucky to find a Builder that is peaceful. We were led to a cottage by a Lizard that was picking up supplies for the Builder. He was apparently our contact in order to discover where the Prelacy was using a nearby rock quarry. For once I was able to speak to one and I found it intriguing as to his mannerism. I am almost of the opinion that he could not speak because he transmitted his thoughts to the various animals under his control.

He was kind enough to loan us his owl to go and hunt down the Prelacy’s location. We made sure to collect the collar from his Stag familiar and I will return it to him when I have the chance. As we had promised to retrieve evidence of what he called his friend. Curious a Builder would care about something other than stone and metal. This one spoke as if the animals that helped him were his family. It is refreshing to find this.

We arrived at the Quarry and immideiately saw the forces. Myself the Orc and Guriel charged forward trying to use the Cover to the best of our ability. As Guriel and the Orc engaged the Prelacy Commander I rounded the eastern tower trying to flank but ended up running into his soldiers. I made short work of them as I cut them down Luna Rained arrows down. She was able to finally get some air and spot for our magic support. That mage was effective to say the least. As he cut down three of the Prelacy troops. It was the Minotaur we hadn’t seen that proved to be the problem. Guriel managed to cut it’s collar off and the creature turned on the Prelacy and continued to fight along side us till it was just our contingent and the creature. I almost wish the Lizard folk had been with us for the simple reason that Merrick had told me their prowess against these creatures. In the end the Prelacy ended up retreating and we were able to aquire more of the strange lightening technology that they had been using.

As always I await the next call to fight the Prelacy. They are as I see it throwing the balance out of order. They are welcome to stay in their boarders and we will see them beaten back or ended.

Riders Log: a Village destroyed
Gamers Giving 2nd game

Clank Grumblebelly – Ranger
Meow – Ranger
??- Korindian Healer(E’s new healer)
?? – Orc Fighter (Gamers giving patron)
??- Elf/fop/mage

From the eyes of Albion Longshadow Rider of the Death Tribe

It is without a doubt almost impossible to navigate the roads at this point. Our Avakar brethren are miserable. I can see the sadness they have that they can’t soar the skies. Though having never flown myself I could not in the same way imagine being unable to ride Pale my own horse. Their loss of flight during these storms is a loss of their freedom. I hope a solution is found before it is too late.

As we left the outpost I found myself pondering what happened to a group of outpost soldiers we had found by the lake. The Prelacy has been getting more bold and I want them to pay. My people know their boarders all too well as they have tried to convert us to their beliefs that all non-humans are Less than dirt and deserve a death that disgraces them. The Prelacy have no honor in this belief because it violates the very tenants of the balance. We will not let them expand beyond their boarders. I will send Merrick back to the tribes to call for a council so that we can gather and move against these monsters.

We arrived at a village not long after mid-day and found a group of Prelacy in the town center. We could see them from a distance and were well prepared to charge into them when out of nowhere a Massive storm formed out of nowhere. In our amazement we immediately took cover as lightening rained down on the Prelacy troops. In the blink of an eye they were all gone. In amazement we headed down to investigate and were assaulted by Elementals made of wind, thunder, and lightening. As our group charged the newly formed elemental threat to the village our members worked to gain any advantage. Our healer and one of the new recruits moved into position as myself and Clank tried to charge into the creatures. I don’t think Pale and I were ready for what happened. Apparently Clanks dog is a master at not getting carried away by the wind. But myself well Pale and I went flying backwards despite our best efforts. Eventually we were able to join the others in the fight but it seemed that nature herself was angry with us even trying to fight these things. Eventually we were able to subdue the storm creatures however just as the air cleared a contingent of Prelacy discovered us and immediately retreated as they suspected that we had slaughtered their brethren. As is my tribes way I took the heads of the fallen Prelacy to ensure they would not return as damned creatures.

Our group took off after the other Prelacy as fast as we could. It was no surprise what we found next.

Riders Log: A message Delivered a Passenger picked up

From Albion Longshadows Prespective:

Characters Involved:
Griatta – Orc Defender of Gather
Telchar – Ranger 1st Class
Avi Hollensword – Ranger 1st Class
Meow – Ranger
Sarcastic Scales – Corporal
Guriel – Ranger 1st Class

I was sent from Gibbon to make sure that our rangers out in the field weren’t ambushed by Prelacy forces. I was also to deliver a message to the Corporal of the unit. Found them within the Evershade Forrest about a half day in. They had encountered a group of Prelacy warriors or what I thought were. It appeared during their altercation that the wildlife itself attacked. After observing the finishing of the fight only one Prelacy survived. Turned out their commander had died after first trying to scout these cursed lands. The Orc that was with the unit made me chuckle she had the same reaction as Guriel when we first met. Though the Cat was abit more hospitable.
The singular surviving member was almost begging to have his life ended. He wanted to find a new beginning and in the end it was hard work to keep Avi Hollensword from killing the man. As per the traditions of the tribe I offered him safe passage with the Death Tribe in order to keep an eye on him for the Jasara Rangers. The man vehemently claimed he left the Prelacy and was simply wanting to head west into the lands of Sand the Eternal Desert. Against the protests of the rest of the unit I gave him safe passage and handed him over to Elder Horseman Zaranick and his riders. Then proceeded back to rejoin the Rangers.

Prelacy Deserters
6/8/14 - Home game - GM report - Gibben Draxx

Planting moon 20 thru red wolf 4

Characters Involved:
Griatta (Carinn – Orc Defender of Gather)
Telchar – Ranger 1st Class
Avi Hollensword – Ranger 1st Class
Meow – Ranger
Sarcastic Scales – Corporal
Guriel – Ranger 1st Class

Gibben will send the team into the Evershade forest. Councilman Leko Kruu has arranged for a small wagon of food and supplies and needs to ensure it is delivered without issue. The storms have made travel difficult and what would normally be a few days will take at least a week.

From the Desk of Gibben Draxx:
With the Storms getting worse we have been working diligently to reinforce and support the local community with food and resources. Its been hard work. In many ways harder than fighting a way. A Ranger patron Leko Kruu has arranged for a relief effort of food and supplies to be sent north to his home gather in the evershades.
We also had a visitor looking for the fabled “Silver Tree”. Interesting that the rumors she has been following led her here. I will make a note to investigate this more myself at a future time.
The group reported the trip to be full of flooded roads and massive overgrowth of the forest. It seems the forest has been thriving with the extra water. Otherwise the trip was uneventful. They were welcomed and treated to as much of a feast as the gather could put together.
Based on reports the Kruu gather has grown since our last visit. Several smaller gathers have joined them to build a better defensive structure. the first signs of walls are starting to form the great hall has been expanded. I look forward to seeing how this gather grows.
After a night of rest Kersh Kruu woke the team and asked for them to investigate a missing patrol. With the storms and prelacy scouting groups they have been only sending one group at a time and have been keeping the patrols small. This one had been out gathering local resources (food, wood, etc) and was due back in the middle of the night.
It took the group a few hours to track them but they eventually found the patrol, unharmed but unconscious and tied to a tree. Their wagon was empty of most all the supplies and the goblinesh had been stripped of gear. It appeared they had been ambushed and robbed.
The group went off in search of the criminals who did this and after several more hours found the trail and eventually found a camp. They found a group of humans fighting off several corrupted creatures (wolves, bears, and spiders). These were similar to the ones fought during the Blood Queens influence. It appears that even though we have stopped her from crossing over, the breach in the veil has remained. While not as widespread the further into the center of the forest we travel the stronger the corruption has nested. I will have to send the group to investigate further at a later time.
Most of the humans didnt survive the fight, and while my rangers did try to save them from the monsters they fought, I’m afraid they didnt pull their punches with the humans either.
After the battle the supplies were recovered in a small cache of a tree and the only remaining human was captured and questioned.
The group were the remnants of a prelacy scouting mission. Sent into the Forest before the storms started. Their commander got them lost and with the dangers of the forest they were ill prepared for an extended stay. Once their commander was killed they had decided to flee the prelacy and start life over. They didnt want to kill anyone, but were hungry and needing supplies to help them along.
Eventually and with great disapproval from Avi the group decided to let him go. They sent him with minimal supplies and gave him directions both to the west and south. It was also hinted we may see him again as a potential recruit. He was after all looking to redeem himself from the crimes he had committed on behalf of the Prelacy.
The group returned to Kruu with the supplies and the patrol and once again greeted with open arms.

Riders Log: Builders and Stone
Arch-Fire HURTS!

Guriel – Ranger 1st Class
Tora – Ranger
Luna Sky – Ranger 1st Class
Telchar – Ranger 1st Class
Merrick – Ranger 1st Class
Arkah Kruu – Ranger
Valkeel Sateer – Ranger 1st Class

Gibbon called us into a quick meeting saying that Bale Darktunnel had called on us to investigate a previous instance of illegal smuggling. His men had found a chamber beyond where the war golems had been found. There was a huge portcullis type of door. I tried to pick the lock on it but to no avail. Guriel proceeded to try to pick the lock with his claw and just as it was about to give Tora slammed into the gate and broke it open. I swear the kitten doesn’t understand stealth. We headed into the complex the stone was hewn in such a way that I would think it was manufactured. We found a store room and inside was all sorts of supplies. I took away a jar of purple minerals. I’m not sure what it is but I’ll find out later. Telchar was amazingly impressed by all the rooms.

Eventually the room terminated in a three way junction. A giant metal cylinder was in the middle of the room. After searching around the apparent work room I found a lever and pulled it. Stupid apparently but nothing bad happened I don’t know what came over me. I happened to see a war golem in the collapsed section of the off shooting tunnels. I think Tora walked off just as the war golem activated. Before I could act I saw a streak of a crossbow bolt fly over my head. It had been Telchar that saved me. That dwarf has amazing aim. The war golem dropped like a dead weight. We decided to investigate further down a red light was showing. At an odd Y junction we found undead builders off to the left. Then a scream. Apparently Guriel and Tora found a group of demons. I had more basic concerns like surviving arch-fire shots. I hate to say it but I went down before I could be of any true help. It is to be noted that as I went down Luna sped to me with a vial of healing. I can’t thank her enough for my life. I am truly grateful. When the dust finally cleared we were left with evidence of demon summoning. Telchar figured out that the metal cylinder in the middle of the first junction was a Krysarium furnace. I was helped to the healers by Luna and Guriel.

Return from Stoon
4/13/14 - Home game - GM report - Gibben Draxx

Characters Involved:
Guriel – Ranger 1st Class
Xenagog – Ranger
Telchar – Ranger 1st Class
Arkah Kruu – Ranger
Avi Hollensword – Ranger 1st Class
Meow – Ranger

Mission: Return to Jasara with a full report.

From the Desk of Gibben Draxx:
The team has returned from Stoon with good and bad news. The defenses in Stoon have been reinforced and with any luck they will hold against the prelacy. However the reports of the Prelacy having childer and builders at their command worries me greatly. We will be digging deeper into local builder rumors to try and get us any advantage we can.
The weather has been causing major problems all over as storms have been building stronger in the area. The Druids council are reporting it to be of an alien nature but so far cannot determine more. It has made flight difficult if not impossible and communications have been slow. Roads are being washed out and buildings are flooding.
On the return trip the group was forced to stop in at a roadside tavern for the night. A group of Olaran merchants had also been forced to stop and take shelter. At dusk the group reports being attacked by a tempest of rain and living elementals made of wind and lightning. With the extreme conditions of the tempest the group found it difficult to move much less fight. After a while they were able to defeat them and when the last one fell so did the tempest. The storm continued through the night but the danger seemed to have passed.
A few days later the group arrived back in jasara to report. A message was delivered the next day from the innkeeper of the tavern the group stayed at. He thanked the rangers for their hard work in defending his tavern and guests, however he reported the Olaran merchants wagon had been raided that same night. Searching the area found no tracks as the storm had washed everything away. He reported that while the merchant was not overly happy to reveal it his cargo was a large chest full of Crysarium ore.

Prylosee Recon
3/30/2014, Home game, PC Report, Grontmomble

or How the drek did these guys get Arkfire Tech???

(This report, unlike previous reports, is written in a single language, Goblinesh. It is accompanied with crude sketches.)

Party consists of
Grontmomble, Author
Merrick, Diseased Archer
Arkah, Orc Frontline
Guriel, Cat fighter
Sarcastic Scales, Ugly Lizard
Meow Gobblebone, Goblin Healer and pigsticker
Xenagog, Prettier Lizard
Tora, Fuzzball warrior
Telchar, Dwarf Tinker


Dont panic, Gront not get hit on the Head again. But it is work to write these things in so many languages, and Gront is beginning to get a headache. You know that Gront is smarter than he lets on, but Smart Ogres are killed in the north, so it’s second nature to hide. Please keep Gront’s secret.

Dont expect Gront to be eloquent in public, and please dont share the raw form of these reports with others. Burn if possible. Gront still not comfortable coming out of the cupboard at being too smart.

What follows is report of most recent mission.

Palisade being constructed around outpost. Introduction of new goblin Battle Healer.

Reports of Prylose forces continuing to move east to expand borders west and south. Bearheart gather under siege. Sog Gather has fallen. Brenosh Gather still holding. Being sent to gather at Stoon meet with orc contact Argosh.

Reports that the Prylosee is wielding arcfire tech with childer shock troops. This is concerning due to their connection with Chaos. Must investigate and either prove or refute rumors. It’s scaring the young lizards and catfolk.

Uprisings taking place in Kal-anar empire. Desert Princes aiding uprisings. Uncertain what Malikar empire is doing.

Arrived at Brenosh. Reports of Prylosee 2 days march. Reports of Childer forces still being questioned. Rumors that Sog was taken by Childer

Gather is well protected, each gate had significant defense. Gongs and Bells set up at gates for alarms. Lots of reinforcement of existing defenses.

Brinchee design eshapolts to launch goblins from the towers. Discussing turning Behemoths into mobile launch platforms. They (the behemoths) almost dumb enough to try it.

Sent north east to patrol. First day without event. First night of rest is without dreams. Blessed sleep. Gront could get use to this.

Second day, entering the blasted lands. Land is magically scarred and ruined. Come across ruined building, See movement. Minotaur with Ratsin.

After first charge, Merrick firebombs the group (Created arrows tipped with Fuel in vials), alerting them. Loud voice from the building announces the presence of additional ratsin and a minotaur, Battlegolumn with gray skinned short rider and prilosee palidins carrying arctech. Armor looks “assisted”. Suspect Builders are providing Prylosee with assistance, uncertain their reasoning. Prylosee does not play well with others, so uncertain their motivation.

Arcfire tech allows crossbows to fire three bolts at once fortified with electricity.

Ratsin charge out to engage Gront, Xenagog, and SS.

SS and Tora each take out a minotaur with a single blow.

SS horribly mauled, but manages to redirect the next blow to one of the paladins.

Golumn takes hits from multiple sources to little effect.

Gront takes down one of the rats, one of the paladins, and injures the builder, who redirects the golumn to Gront. Oops.

Telchar and Arkah redirect to the Golumn

Paladin lands a nasty blow on SS, resulting in a prylosee brand on his shoulder. SS Kills the builder, causing the golumn to shut down. We are able to take the paladin prisoner at the end.

Able to gather a significant amount of arctech.

Telchar takes one of the shields to experiment with, Gront will look into the Lance.

Aftermath of battle: Each of the Childer was fitted with a collar with a small light on it. Builder has similar equipment, though not a collar. Golumn also had blue lights. Suspect prylosee is somehow controlling Childer thru this technology, so they are little more than slaves, which Prylosee would be ok with. Uncertain if Golumn is necessary for controlling tech to work. Further investigation necessary.

Broke Lance. Pieces fell out. Oops. Will look for another one and be more careful.

Telchar noted the shield was unusually heavy till he managed to trigger it’s inner working and make it function. Shield got much lighter, lighter even that a normal shield. Then he broke it. Gront not feel so bad about breaking lance.

Sending gear along with reports back to camp.


Waterfront Investigation
3/16/2014, Home game, PC Report, Clank Grumblebelly

Staff Involved
Clank Grumblebelly, Author
Sarcastic Scales, Commander
Merrick, Healer
Xenagog, Front line Offenive
Avi, Archer Support
Guriel, Front Line Offensive
Arkah, Front Line Offensive
Telchar, Support

Investigation of multiple leads in town.
- Prylose seems to sending scouting forces in greater numbers
- Investigate house Dolinar
- Increased Floater presence
- Reported death of Life Spirits tied to Bloodqueen. Issue Resolved
- Sightings of Builders
- Shianor also sighted
- Corruption seems to have mostly cleared up. Evershade forest still has signifigant corruption. Issue considered either resolved or of little importance at this time.

Events of Note:
- Calahan, owner of the Darrow Inn visits to deliver brew and inform Valkeel of his obligations to do repairs.

- Sarcastic Scales attempts to direct the group, lack of cohesion seems to be a problem. Attempted to lend him support, but staff requires a firm hand and direction. Recommend instruction in proper protocol and procedure for troops. Not of sufficient rank to implement correction or instruction.
Telchar and Merrick noticed increased patrols in town.

- Staff Finaly agreed to investigate the potential corruption on the council of town

  • upon ariving in town, the party fragments.
    > Xenagog heads to undertown
    > Avi heads to the harbor.
    > Telchar drops back to seperate from the group.
    > Remaining staff decideds to speak with Bael the Dwarf. Bael informs us that the increased patrols is due to increased floater presence. Concerned that ships from up river might transport their cargo to south bound ships.
  • Avi and Xenagog caused some kind of disturbance in town.
    > Apparently there was an explosion at the harbor and Avi and Xenagog bought some drugs from a merchant. Turns out the “Drugs” are actually deadly mandrake root. When the disturbance occurred, 12 other merchants packed up. Suggest we threaten the merchant, then release him back to the populous so we might follow him.
> dead end questioning. Merchant seems to have been an innocent who took the drugs in trade, had no info on sources. May wish to persue action with him to identify whom he received goods in trade from. Claims he has not seen the person since the trade.

- Investigation of Waterfront and Explosion

  • Telchar, Merrick and Arkah break into the warehouse after sending word back for the rest of the party. Seems to be a group of Builders working on two golumns.
  • Clank, Guriel, and Avi make their way to the front door of the warehouse, only to be stopped by guards. Avi and Guriel distract the guards while Clank opens the barred door the hard way with his head and shield. Avi then rushes in and turns one of the malikar into a pin cushion while guriel knocks two more for a loop.
  • Avi and Clank charge one of the golumns, scratching the surface together
  • Shrapnel from Telchar’s bolts gum up the works of the now damaged golumn, it’s leg collapses and it falls upon the builder who seemed to be giving it commands.
  • Clank then launches himself off the boxes to start randomly twisting nobs inside the second golumn, narrowly missing squashing Arkah. Clank then bounces off the golumn, grabs a wrench, bounces back up, and manages to shut down the golumn,

- After action, it is determined that Mistress Ganwin ordered this warehouse be off-limits till a member of the ruling house of Dolinar arive.

- Clank gets some help to load up one of the golums to drag it back to the outpost.

1) Instruction in the finer points of procedure and protocol for troops. Explain Chain of Command.

2) Further investigation of source of Floaters on waterfront.

3) Investigation into Mistress Ganwin and ties to House Dolinar.

Feel free to contact me with further questions, Commander Gibon.

-Sir Clank Grumblebelly, Gray Rangers

Yet More Lost Druids
3/2/2014, home game, PC report, Grontmomble

or Why dont we tie some Bells on these guys?

party consists of

Luna Sky, arial support
Telchar, dwarf tinker
Merick, Human caster
Avi, 3/4 elf archer
Tora, kitten warrior
Valkeel, Human Fop
Guriel, Cat Warrior
Zenagog, Not so ugly lizard

Settle into new quarters at The Outpost, then head out to try and rescue more lost druids.

Mutation in the Evershade forest persist. Animals are more wild, more agressive. Corruption seems have taken root. New birth of animals and plants showing with coruption already present.

rebels fighting inside the Kalinar empire, causing problems for them.

cracks between here and the accursed lands occuring, accounting for strange vampires and leachmen.

Repports of invasion from the Shayakar lands expanding.

Gront suggest tying bells to Druids since they keep getting lost.

corrupting effects of Floaters allows necro druids to pigback on the non-necro-druids rituals to open way for blood queen and accursed lands.

arive in Oakton. When setting up for the night, Val draws attention to threads moving to the north west

After setting up camp, merick’s brother albion come to visit. Gaunt man on pale horse with skull mask. aparently has to hide face

Some of party has nightmares of the Bitchqueen.

pack up and hit the road again. Arive as target site late in afternoon.clearing seems to have campfires. Avi and Guriel move ahead to scout. 4 necro druids and lots of skeletons. parently our sneaks not sneaky enough, one of druids reached down and kills someone / something causing ritual to go off and summoning beasts and causing explosiong of goo. 2 giant bears and four giant boars (Or bob-pigs as Avi calls them)

telchar and merick charge in start firinig. Guriel and Tora barrel into the center of the battle. Avi kills one of the necros. Valkeel begins clearing skeletons with bolts.

Gront takes out one of the two bears. Albion charges into the edge of the combat.

Necrodruid summons rock golumn and two tree golumns, while another summons even more skeletons. Zenagog and avi take out two of the boars.

Gront levels a punishing blow to the sprite animating one of the tree golumns to no effect.

Other tree seems resistant to damage. Avi, and luna land punishing blows, but the things shrugs them off.

One of the necrodruids does signifigant damange to valkeel. Albion takes out two of the skeletons and another of the boars. Tora takes down one more of the necrodruids.

Gront removes the final necrodruid and annoys the stone golumn, Lots of flailing at the last bear, tree, and rock.

Telchar shield charges the stone golumn at full speed (For a dwarf) and makes a lot of noise. His shield give a burst of light and knocks the creature back a ways.

Tora charges up the hill and leaps upon the stone golumn. As she passes thru the air, the spirit shape of a unicorn forms around her and the horn lines up with her sword, the strike shattering the stone.

The wave of clensing energy seems to purge the area of corruption.


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