Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Jasara

9/10/13 - Grey Lantern Report 002

Campaign: Rangers of Jasara

Assignment: This was mostly a character building and background day. No exp was awarded.

After Action Report:
From the desk of Gibben Draxx
The last few days have been stressful and extremely busy. I’ve been attending continuous meetings and briefings trying to get ready for my new assignment. I’m not sure if the commander is entirely sure this is a good idea sending me to this remote of a location. Though I take it as a great honor that they bestow so much trust in me. I will strive to make sure that trust is not misplaced.
We received word the group sent north a week ago did in fact survive and have stayed in Lyrian to help rebuild. I have been asked to escort a small group north to relieve the group and have them join the crew of my new outpost in Jasara. I look forward to meeting these people and learning the details of their success. I’ve been told we should be leaving in a few days. The primary group I will be commanding has still not yet arrived in Krythos.

Additional Information:
Home Game – No EXP awarded

8/18/13 - Grey Lantern Report 001

Campaign: Rangers of Jasara

Characters (pregen con demo intro, each player will be creating full characters for the next session) – Brinch, Aeva, Dwar, Drego, Kor

Assignment: Deliver messages and scout the village of Lyrian 2 days north west of Krythos and report back. Dispatch any threats to the region and support the local population in any way you can.

After Action Report:
From the desk of Gibben Draxx. –
This is my first official Grey Lantern report and I hope I do this right. I have recently received new orders and will be leaving the Southern Kingdoms to return north in a few days. I have been assigned to a new remote outpost in the Kingdom of Jasara. Its located just south of the Evershade Forest and only a few days ride from the gather where I was born. I haven’t been this far north in many years. Hopefully the Olaran’s have forgotten about the incident that lead me into the rangers service. I still don’t know what the problem was. It was just a little fire and I still haven’t worked out the recipe again.
I write this to relay a mission report on behalf of another team. They were sent north a few weeks ago and only one member of the team returned. Aeva, an Aevakar archer, struggled to get home with several grievous wounds. Once tended and rested she was able to report the following:
A few hours outside of the village of Lyrian they came across the bodies of several guards were ambushed by a small horde of Ratzin. It didn’t take long for the group to dispatch them and tend to the single surviving guard. The Guard informed them of a larger group that had attacked them while they were on patrol. It appears to be a group of fleeing Kal soldiers with orders to kill and burn anything in their path as they ran for home. Aeva flew a scouting run to the village and reported back a rather large group of soldiers accompanied by a Kal War Priest, a Minotaur, and a Gargoyle. Being young and rather heroic the group ran to the aid of the town.
They attacked from three sides and took the leaders by surprise. Brinch and Kor (a Brinchie fighter and Korindian Druid) climbed the backside of a smalls tables where the Gargoyle was perched watching the fight. With some amazing acrobatics Brench grappled the Gargoyle from behind and they both fell from the roof to the ground below. Dwar and Drego (a Dwarf Tinker and Dregordian Warrior) charged from the other side of the courtyard pushing the Priest and the Minotaur back. Aeva provided air support, which in the end didn’t work out as well as she had hoped.
As the battle raged Aeva was attacked by four soldiers with longbows and took several critical wounds. As she landed to catch her breath she saw the Priest strike Dwar across the chest and Drego was gored by the Minotaur as it charged. It was a bloody fight and Aeva has trouble retelling this part of the events. Brench and Kor had been surrounded on the other side of the courtyard by two soldiers and the gargoyle, it did not appear to be going well. As the four soldiers began to close in on Aeva she took flight and fled hoping to find help and be able to rescue her friends later. The last things she saw as she looked back were Dwar taking an arrow to the leg as he collapsed, and the limp body of Drego hanging from the Minotaurs Horns. A few moments later the Gargoyle screamed and she never looked back.
It was several days before she could get help with her wounds. I don’t think she will ever fly as well again and her shooting days may be done. I have been told I will be leading the search party for these lost rangers and hope to find them alive at least. We have lost too many in these last few years and for these to be younglings fresh out of training makes the sting that much worse.

Additional Information:
Home Game – 5 exp rewarded for each player (new player reward)

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