Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Jasara

11/10/13 Life Lessons

Submitted by kathrynwilliamse on Fri, 11/15/2013 – 22:22

Mission Assignment:
Investigate attacks on Kruu gather in Evershade Forest and return with the head of the beast.

After Action Report:
(Note this is a verbal report given to Gibbon, much to his dismay I am sure).

First of all I feel like I need to justify myself. When Lady Falkinor knocked on the door, I shut in her face. If we had just left it at that things might have turned out better for us all. But you had to insist
that we go on this mission. The rangers never listen to me and my instincts.

So anyways, Lady Falkinor introduces us to Councilman Kruu. He asked up to go help some people out, but he was really kind of mean so I didn’t want to help him. But it is a good idea to get the favor of the council so off we went into the forest to save his friends from the unknown.

We get to the town, after a couple of days of walking. This is the first time I am excited about any of this, because there is space to set a trap for big bad unknown. I love setting up traps. We set up a big bon fire in the middle of the town and dug pit traps around it hoping to make for an easy kill.

The first thing that hopped out (literally) was this giant toad thingy. It was really gross, but being that we are tougher we killed it really fast. Then things got bad. We ended up fighting a small army of humans and minotaurs and drakes. One of the minotaurs ended up getting me in the gut with his horn. Atleast this guy didn’t have the black goop all over him like that last group of creatures we fought. But if you have ever been gored by a minotaur you know how bad that hurts. The rest of the fight is all kind of fuzzy, cause i spent long enough stuck on this things horn.

But we end up winning, and Councilman Kruu had asked for the heads of the beast, so we cut the heads off of everything we killed and put them in a cart. I ended up riding back in the cart with the heads, as I didn’t feel so well after everything.

We get back into town and go to Lady Falkinors house with all of the heads, which at this point stunk terribly, as did I from laying in it. IT is not natural for an elf to willingly smell that bad.

We go up to knock on Lady Falkinors door, and no one answered. Again with the door thing, I’m
not touching doors anymore. Bad things happen when I touch doors. But I went ahead and opened the door. Lady Falkinor was lying dead on the floor with a surgical like cut on her neck, and
Councilman Kruu was knocked out. Speaking of which, does this mean we call them the council of eight now?

I forgot to mention, back during the battle, there was this black thing that shot up into the air and created half of the bad guys we were fighting. I guess it was the same thing because someone noticed it leaving Lady Falkinors house. My best guess is assassin crab people.

So, what do we take from all of this?

1. Assassin Crab People are going to kill us all.

2. Minotaurs hurt.

3. I’m never touching a door again.

4. Healers are NOT an option.

11/10/13 A Report on Drakes

Submitted by Orion_fury on Fri, 11/15/2013 – 16:18
Mission Assignment:
Grontmomble will cover this

After Action Report:
Grontmomble will cover this too

Additional Information:
as transcribed by local magistrate of Jasara for ( نقم) (****** Symbol is impossible to transcribe) also known as Sarcastic Scales

To leader Gibbon and all others who must know,

This is the first report I have ever felt compelled to write, since grontmomble seems to get all essence of events happening during our campaigns here in Jasara. Also up to that time there is nothing that has sent anxiety into me (besides the constant bickering of the council on action, grontmombles tree, since he never realizes how heavy that thing can really be when he puts it down, the ability of the dwarf to cleave things when in the right mood, and whatever that toad thing we encountered) But caution has found its way to me when something I thought I had left behind when I joined the Grey Rangers has appeared, and in an even more evil form: Drakes.

I come from land far away from Jasara, and so I have yet to truly see anything from my native homeland. However, our mission into the evershade forest has truly struck memories of hunting parties and rites of manhood that were interrupted by a most cunning of beasts; the drake. This creature was taught to me early, one that I should watch for, be cautious of, and to never overestimate when in battle with. They are cunning, large, powerful beasts that are only native to my lands from what I have known. But in the evershade forest, there was 2, but they do not match the ones I have known. These beasts had 6 legs, rather then the 4 I have known. They moved as more of a serpeant than a creature with legs, but were more powerful and swift then my memories or recollections will let me believe. While they were indeed drakes, it was the most pecuiliar of habits that truly made me fear; what they did when they attack. A normal drake will constantly move his eyes, looking around at the terrain so it may better seize the advantage when locked in hunting or combat. Even while biting or scratching, their eyes will always move. These drakes do not, their eyes stare directly into their opponents, robbing them of strength and putting in fear. I believe having looked into legends, that these have the ability to put a person to stone should one keep looking into the drakes eyes, red like fire, and making it difficult to move and battle. I want to pass on this knowledge, since these drakes are not native to these lands, but seem to be something we may encounter in the future. I will begin to train myself to be ready for these drakes again, I became a man when I went into the jungle of my home and returned with a drakes head. I plan on doing so now here, not to become a man, but a ranger of grey here in Jasara.

Sarcastic Scales

Important NPCs:
Grontmomble (Again)

11/10/13 Attacks on Kruu Gather

Submitted by Gibben_Draxx_RF on Mon, 11/11/2013 – 11:33
Mission Assignment:

Investigate attacks on Kruu gather in Evershade Forest and return with the head of the beast.
After Action Report:
After the last mission I was giving the group some time off to recover from their wounds, things have been slow around town and there is only so much buttering up we can do to the locals. Last week we were visited by Lady Falkinor of the Council and offered a chance to earn some more favor. Councilman Kruu, a rather disbelieving Orc joined her and asked for our help. His Gather, located about 2 days into the Evershade forest outside of Jasara has fallen under attack. He provided us the name of the Matriarch Kersh and gave us a signet pin that would Identify the rangers as being there on his behalf. Taking advantage of this opportunity I dispatched the team.
I will let the reports from the team talk to the events of the mission, but to say we are starting to see something entirely new coming from the Childer and the Kal Empire.
When the team returned I joined the team to deliver the head of the beast to Kruu. The City Guard directed us to Lady Falkinor’s residence. When we arrived we found the Lady dead by a very precise blade, and Kruu unconscious on the floor with a rather large head wound. The dwarves Telchar and balgor spotted a shadow running from a nearby window and along with Luna gave chase. After several minutes of chase through alley’s, buildings, streets the team lost their prey in a dead end alley. They reported a large flash of bright red just before they lost the suspect. This appears to be the same flash that the team saw from another shadowy figure at the Gather.
A further investigation by the City watch of the alley reported a trace amount of Thaumaturgy magic. This means we have Adepts and Necromancers in the City of Jasara we will need to deal with. We are waiting to meet the new council member and hope that they are as supportive of the Grey Rangers presence in Jasara as Lady Falkinor was.
As a follow up from a previous report. I was visited by En’ack Galkan a member of the Druids Council. He wanted to discuss if i had any luck figuring out what the black ooze was the party had found in previous missions. After we compared notes it appears the substance is a byproduct of mixing magical energies. More investigation will be required as the base energy appears to be Necromantic.

Additional Information:
Home Game – 2 exp, +1 benny for next game for each character as a result of reinforcements adventure card.

Important NPCs:
Jessica Falkinor – Human/female – Member of the council of nine and primary support for the rangers presence in Jasara
Leko Kruu – Orc/male – Member of the council of nine, representing the gathers in and around the Evershade forest in Jasara
Kersh Kruu – Orc/female – Wife to Leko Kruu and Matriarch of Kruu gather in the Evershade forest.
En’ack Galkan – Dregordian/male – Member of the Druids Council of Jasara

10/27/13 Booze Run

Submitted by BearMichaelStanley on Sun, 11/10/2013 – 10:53

Mission Assignment:
Boozerun for Bossgoblin and researching animal attacks outside of Oakton

After Action Report:


Contained within are the details of the Boozerun Mission

party consists of
Avi – half elf scout
Teichar – dwarf tinker
Luna – Aevakar archer
Gariel – cat warrior
Balgor – dwarf warrior

Gibbon has been working on black goo to no avail. Workshop has seen better days. Smell bad.

Sent to oakton to investigate animal attack and pick up booze for gibbon

Oakton classic logging community 800-900 people.

Bartender says to check with foreman about attacks

Boss reporters deaths, one survivor. Reports big, fast, glowing eyes. Attacks during day. Local animals bears bobcats wild pigs. Up to 7 deaths, bodies torn apart.

Signs of wild growth trying to take back area.

<written> Note to command. Healers not optional equipment. Again.

Signs of wild growth also around town. Been worse lately. Grontmomble suspect unhappy druid.

Go back to Mary’s to find survivor. Survivor looks like chew toy. Was on northern edge of field. Thinks more than one attacker. Hit from behind. Red eyes, big, fur.

Healer says attacker was size of bear.

Return to site of attack to investigate. No one in area seen black goo

Luna and avi find big tracks around attack. Attacked by bob pigs with glowing red eyes. Bodies warped and melted

6 small bob pigs and one giant bob pig which charges and seriously injurs Gront

Giant bear attacks from other Side on dwarf.

Gront would like to request better armor.

Long tiring battle, fur flies. Lots of fur. And black goo. Very gross, even to Gront

Wounds by black goo seem to fester and generate more goo. Gront taking vacation to heal. This yet another reason Healers not optional equipment. Gront not joking.

Gront will learn to heal since Brass too stingy to spring for healers. Expect bill.

Please warn future expeditions to the north to be on look out for dangerous Bobpigs.

4 bennies converted into xp
10/27/13 The Great Bobcat Debate

Submitted by kathrynwilliamse on Sun, 10/27/2013 – 18:44

Mission Assignment:
To go check out animal attacks on loggers.

After Action Report:
(Note to readers: This report is a verbal report, because Avi is illiterate. Also, we did not face any bobcats, just 1 bear and 7 boars.)

They sent us out to some town up north who was having an animal problem. I already knew that it was going to be bobcats, I get hunches sometimes and I am usually right, but with the highest ranking “person” with us being Grontmomble, do you think anyone listens to me? Not even for a second.

So we get to this town, and they insists on talking to people about the recent animal attacks. We talked to the only survivor of the last attack, but a fat lot of good that did us. He didn’t even notice the black goop covering the animals, let alone that it was a bob cat that that attacked him!

Turns out we could have skipped the talking to Mr. Man-o-lantern and gone straight to the source. We went to the spot where he got attacked and eight bobcats attacked us. This is funny because bobcats are usually solitary animals because of how territorial they are.

The worst thing about the bobcats was that they were covered by this black goop. This stuff is unnatural and a whole bucket of not good. Seven of the bobcats had grown tusks (which is why Grontmomble keeps calling them bob pigs) and one had grown so large it could have been easily mistaken for a bear!

One of the bobcats with tusks charged me and shook me pretty bad, not to mention cut my leg and got the black gunk in it. Grontmomble also got a few holes poked into him. The rest of the party managed to avoid any real injury, which is lucky because this black stuff made a cut a ton more painful than normal, and with no magic healer, even with the wound healed my leg doesn’t feel right.

I just hope I don’t grow tusks

10/6/13 Into the Stumps
Report from Grontmomble

Submitted by BearMichaelStanley on Sun, 10/13/2013 – 00:43
Mission Assignment:
Team sent north to explore and investigate nearest of burned sectors

After Action Report:
Party consists of Grontmomble,

Sarcastic scales, lizard warrior
Teichar, dwarf tinker
Avi, half elf scout archer
Guriel, cat warrior
Ileria, metal hater healer

Grontmomble Promoted by Commander. This is a bad idea.

Ileria and Guriel, new recruits from the south. Begin with tour of under city, showing dwarven clan home’ goblin gather, river access.

Gront explains what poly-ticks is and how it works. Poly is many ticks blood suckers.

Find out that malicar are allowed to bring traders into town, people not happy about this.

Sent out when Grontmomble’s boredom reached dangerous levels. Sent out north east past rochburg to investigate closest burned areas of the blasted lands. Expect to see prylosee, or not. Take wide patrol

Gront promoted to ranger first class, nominally in charge. We in so much trouble.

As we get farther north, not yet into blasted lands, cat finds sticky substance that smells of rotted corpse. Decide to track ooze. Ooze is killing plant life

Edge of ever shade forest, movement ahead. Troops, one on horse. Dwarf determines they are prylosee forces. Plan to ambush forces while scout checks them out.

Lizard charges in and makes first kill. Gront turns four into icecles, then covers self in ice and gestures for all comers.

Lizard slaughters two at once with sweep. Druid throws leaves at leader, who has allergic reaction. (Bolt) . Cat does beautiful leap from tree with a double McCormick and a full twist to attack lessees.

Dwarf much more effective than last one. Kills leader with crossbow bolt to neck. Would like to keep this Dwarf. Prior dwarf should be assigned to city support staff.

Druid blasts three of four remaining with leaves and Gront drops two of them with ice balls. Lizard charges in to kill one of two remaining. Offered to take remaining prisoner. He declined. Cat kills.

Paladin carrying banner, dwarf claims armor (full chain) to modify it in town.

Found remains of elven farming community, people burned and slaughtered. Buried bodies at elves demand, returned to report. Found signs of black ooze in rotted tree. Take ooze back to town.

Additional Information:
2xp 3 bonus bennies left on character from previous reports

This was home game from 10/6/13

9/28/13 Down Down to (not so) Dwarventown

Submitted by BearMichaelStanley on Sun, 10/06/2013 – 11:36

Mission Assignment:
Brought in by Dwarves to explore disturbed crypt. Disrupted dark ritual in progress.

After Action Report:
(Note: This is written in such a fashion as to be all but undeciferable by the average reader. the text is written upside downs and backwards starting in the lower right hand corner and drifts back and forth between the languages of Galean, Goblinesh, Kalinesh, and Childer. When done, it looks like a bunch of meaningly scrawls and splotches. Grontmomble reinforces this impression with vague sketches of events in stick figures. The fact that gront’s syntax is poor at best doesn’t help much.)

Third mission, Grontmomble placed in charge again. This is likely not condusive to the health of the party. Gront not that smart, nor skilled in tactics beyond either Smash Them or Split Up and Smash Them. Sent to assist local Dwarven Clan Home outside of the Forge in problems with Crypt. Incapable of investigating on their own

Grontmomble, Leader
Sarcastic Scales, Lizard Warrior Assistant
Expendable Brinchie Rogue
Highly Recomended Avikar Archer
New Korindian Druid (Keep spares on hand)

Blind Lizard carrying lantern on point. INvestigation shows not dwarven crypt. Skeletons stand up as we watch. Look to be about human sized. Battle begins with quick death on the part of the skeletons

Skelitons much more nimble than they appear. Skeletons and blades also do not mix well. Trees and low ceilings are also a bad combo.

Room cleared after lots of flailing around.

Gront examines the crypts. Determines they hold dead and not so dead stuff. Does not recognize any of the languages on the crypts.

Second room of crypt, door partially off it’s hinges already. room filled with earth pillars

Gront does not like Shadows.

Large shadow appears in the second room. Cats blades pass thru it. Snowball does not. Gront seems to be the only one to hit it. Gront suggests a break to recharge.

After a two hour rest, group heads further down. Enter large room bisected by river of lava. Room is filled with stone pillars, some of which are broken and shattered. Room also holds two gargoyles, two large brutes (abysals) and a creatures chanting to cast some sort of spell. Everything seems tough to hit

Expendable charges the brutes and taunts them, which they oblidge.

With distraction and aid, gront takes down the two gargoyles. Expendable takes down one of the abysals

flying thing sent across the lava to delay the caster.

Gront plays golf with abysals head

Everyone else charges across the room vaulting, leaping (Or in the case of the cat, a double axel with a plant for a 9.4, 7…3 from the Kalindal judge) only to have the caster vanish and teleport out.

After desecrating the altar, Gront freezes it with his final essence, splitting the alter in two.
(Report closes, or more to the pont, appears to start with a big goblin smiley face with one side of it’s face burned off. )
Additional Information:
This was the third and final convention game for Macon Denver 2013.

9/28/13 Ratkin Ambush, Wandering Kal soldiers

Submitted by BearMichaelStanley on Sun, 10/06/2013 – 11:31

Mission Assignment:
Sent out to escort green recruits back to town. Ambushed by Ratkin and saved town from rampaging soldiers.

After Action Report:
(Note: This is written in such a fashion as to be all but undeciferable by the average reader. the text is written upside downs and backwards starting in the lower right hand corner and drifts back and forth between the languages of Galean, Goblinesh, Kalinesh, and Childer. When done, it looks like a bunch of meaningly scrawls and splotches. Grontmomble reinforces this impression with vague sketches of events in stick figures. The fact that gront’s syntax is poor at best doesn’t help much.)


Contained within are the details of the second mission, in which Grontmomble and crew are sent out with previous new recruit to meet up with additonal green recruits (please send experienced troops in the future) and escort them back to town.

Group consisted of Grontmomble, Leader
Sarcastic Scales, Dragorian Warrior Assistant
Doesnt-Do-Much, Dwarf Tinker,
Blowhard-Lotta-Wind, Avikar Archer and Scout

Sarccastic Scales is a capable assistant. Consider promoting him to command status to he stops assisting Grontmomble.

Ambushed by Ratkin on way back to town. Distracted by wounded guardsmen in road. Battle not long lived (it was Ratkin, after all). Majority of rats killed by Grontmomble. Sarcastic-Scales assisted with one death. One death also noted by Tinker. Blowhard Elf circled over head and rained down words (And an arrow or two)

Party advanced on burning town after scouted by Blowhard. Reports Kalinar Troops pillaging and burning the town and abusing the villagers. Party split to circle town. Poor idea, dont do this again.

Grontmomble laid low with crushing blow by pillaging troops after failing to sneak into the town. Gront proceded to occupy the attention of two of the six attacking groups. Troups led by Battle Priest (wielding Flames) and Minotaur.

Avikar danced around in the wind to distract troops. Claims to have saved Grontmombles life. Gront took two additional (temporarily) crippling blows, one of which made riding horses somewhat difficult. Much better now.

Note to Command Staff: Healers are NOT optional equipment.

Combat slowly whittled down the base troops to the amusement of the Battlepriest. Dwarf and Lizard occupied other troops while Grontmomble attempted to recover from lame wound, shot to the groin, and winding attack. Blowhard distracted remaining combatant by kicking up dirt into its face with wings.

Avikar did NOT save Grontmombles life. Repeat, despite Blowhards claims, he did NOT save Grontmomble. Grontmomble was just fine.

Lizard throws impressive throw of spear at Minatour, not doing any damage by annoying the hell out of it. Battlepriest closes to fight and knocks Tinker for a loop. Tinker already a bit loopy, so perhaps knocked him for another loop.

Lot of scuffling.

Lizard kills Minotaur. Please promote him. Now.

Battlepriest flees in face of oveerwhelming odds, leaving him troops behind.

Grontmomble finishs battle by falling on remaining combatant. This was done on purpose to subdue him and take him prisoner for interogation. Obtained name of cowardly battlepriest.

Seems the Kal are retreating north with orders to burn and pillage as they go. Battlepriest has likely fled home.

Oh yes, note to Command Staff, Ow. Ow ow ow ow ow. Please promote Lizard.
Additional Information:
This was the second game at Malcon Denver 2013

9/27/13 Earthquake Investigation

Submitted by BearMichaelStanley on Sun, 10/06/2013 – 11:28
Mission Assignment: Sent out to check out local earthquakes

After Action Report:
(Note: This is written in such a fashion as to be all but undeciferable by the average reader. the text is written upside downs and backwards starting in the lower right hand corner and drifts back and forth between the languages of Galean, Goblinesh, Kalinesh, and Childer. When done, it looks like a bunch of meaningly scrawls and splotches. Grontmomble reinforces this impression with vague sketches of events in stick figures. The fact that gront’s syntax is poor at best doesn’t help much.)


Contained within are the report details of the mission to meet up with new recruits on the road and delve into the source of tremors and quakes near the town of Balton

Grontmomble, placed in charge of mission (to his and others distress)
Licks-The-Fallen, Brinchie Rogue
Sarcastic-Scales, Dragorian Warrior
Metal-Fist-In-Face, Krindorian Druid

Reports from the villagers are that earthquakes of unknown origin have been presenting in the area and tremors started a few weeks back. Efforts by three villages to investigate resulted in only one returning. Reports encounter with a giant metal construct and short folk who spit electrical discharges from things in their hands. Hunter returned in poor shape, others dead.

Efforts to obtain nourishment before the battle by Grontmomble resulted in the pervert Cat, Licks-The-Fallen, molesting a goat. Gront decided to eat after the battle, working up a hunger. Goat Molestation is not a turn on for Gront.

Investigation of trail followed by three villages showed huge tracks made by something larger and heavier than Grontmomble, and small dwarf-like tracks of potential support staff. Party approached a clearing from which noises and movement were apparent, air filled with the smell of ozone. Sounds came from giant metalic Golem and three Builders who were tinkering with it. Druid insisted on entering the clearing alone to engage in diplomatic discourse. Cat sent to flank behind while Grontmomble and Sarcastic-Scales flanked on one side.

Druid Negotations fail. Annoyed Builders by randomly pushing buttons and jamming his staff into the leg gears of the golem. Entertaining, as golem was forced to move in circles. Not so entertaining for Druid as he caught metallic fist square in face, all but flattening him.

Note: Do not send Metal Hater to negotiate with Metal Crafters in the future

Grontmomble opened up fight on our side by turning one foe into a frozen statue and severe injuring the leader.

Leader of Builders leveled quickly. Warrior closed to save Druid. Druid responded by fleeing battle, saying he was too hurt to continue taking metallic fists to the face (Wuss)

Cat took strange detour to lick the frozen builder before launching himself at the Golem. Have him checked for drugs or mood altering substences, very concerned by his erattic actions. Goat may never recover.

Dragorian disabled Golem before it could attempt to follow Druid. Grontmomble brings battle to a close, smashing final builder with his walking stick. Gathered Builders gear and returned to file report. Druid complained about being on the front lines (wuss).

Removal of Builders and Golem seems to have solved the problem of the Tremors. Villagers should be able to move back to villages safely. Charge the Cat for the Goat.

Still Hungry. Problem of Goat resolved.

Additional Information:
This was the first of the Convention games at Malcon in Denver 2013

9/22/13 Grey Lantern Report 003

Campaign: Rangers of Jasara

Avi Hollensword
Grontmomble Grumblebelly

Assignment: Travel to the village of Lyrian and check in with the rebuild efforts, then travel onto Jasara and establish a base of operations.

After Action Report:
From the desk of Gibben Draxx
Well its official. We were called to Kork this afternoon to meet some of my new rangers. On arriving Karg and I waiting patiently for Kork to fit us in. While waiting I was able to observe the new rangers. There were three that reported for the assignment. A sorcerer who likes throwing snowballs around on a regular basis. Seems a waste of power but since he’s an Ogre I’m really not surprised. A dwarven tinker with a decent aim with a crossbow, and an Aelekar who seems to like shiny things filled out the ranks for now. Im beginning to think command is trying to set me up for some kind of joke. Kork provided us our mission and sent us on our way. Short and sweet <snicker> as always. I was told that I would be receiving another command officer. A human Sergeant Major named Ballor. He is a skilled archer and has been commanding troops for many years. He will be my third in command and in charge of any military coordination with Jasara.
The trip to Lyrian was uneventful though the new recruits seem to be scared of me blowing them up. I’ll let them stay that way for now as its good for them to fear their leader. We stopped in at lyrian for a nights rest. We found the village in the middle of repairs. All rangers performed admirably and worked hard to help rebuild while we were there. Another group of rangers will be coming north in a few weeks to provide relief efforts and escort a larger group of rangers to join us in Jasara.
After leaving Lyrian we continued north to Jasara and for the next few weeks travel was uneventful. Just south of the forges we did encounter a group of ratzin and a Kal war priest. I was rather impressed at how well the group worked together to make short work of these denizens. Gront’s snowball skills proved rather powerful.
Once we arrived in Jasara we were escorted through town to a small home and stable near the inner wall in the military district. The house was nothing special; two stories, two upper rooms and 2 larger rooms on the main level. There was as stable next door that was made available to us to house about a dozen horses.
It took a few hours before our contacts arrived. The Lady Jessica Faklinor and a rather gruff dwarf named Bale Darktunnel. They welcomed us and told us they would be our contacts within the council. We had been informed there was some tension on the council with bringing the rangers here but I wasn’t expecting this level. It seems these two council members are the only ones who approved and as such were assigned as out babysitters. I will be working with them closely in the future. They explained that we will be working as an extension of the City guard for the time being and if the relationship with the Rangers can be improved then we could begin making our presence known.
Gront asked if this house would be our home and base of operations by saying, “house small, where sleep?”. Jessica smiled and Bale seemed to roll his eyes at us. They pointed out a passage hidden under a large table. This lead us into a rather well built underground complex providing us all the comforts of home, including bunk rooms, training rooms, and even a small lab for me to work in.
At this point we were left to get settled in. Its going to be interesting living and working with these folks but they are my rangers and I will lead them to the best of my ability.

Important NPCs:
- Kork – Dwarf commander for the Grey Rangers.

- Gibben Drax – Goblin Lieutenant assigned as commander for the Rangers of Jasara. He has risen over the years in rank and the Rangers have given him a chance at command. With the influence of the goblinesh gathers in the north Gibben was chosen as a familiar face to help ease the integration.

- Karg – Ogre Sergeant assigned as Gibben’s 2nd in command. He is a bruiser and has worked with Gibben for many years.

- Jessica Faklinor – Member of the council of 9 for Jasara. A human with a very polite and giving personality.

- Bale Darktunnel – Member of the council of 9 for Jasara. A dwarf who begrudgingly gave his support to reaching out to the rangers for assistance, but is not impressed yet.
Additional Information:
Home Game – 2 exp rewarded


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