Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Jasara

9/28/13 Down Down to (not so) Dwarventown

Submitted by BearMichaelStanley on Sun, 10/06/2013 – 11:36

Mission Assignment:
Brought in by Dwarves to explore disturbed crypt. Disrupted dark ritual in progress.

After Action Report:
(Note: This is written in such a fashion as to be all but undeciferable by the average reader. the text is written upside downs and backwards starting in the lower right hand corner and drifts back and forth between the languages of Galean, Goblinesh, Kalinesh, and Childer. When done, it looks like a bunch of meaningly scrawls and splotches. Grontmomble reinforces this impression with vague sketches of events in stick figures. The fact that gront’s syntax is poor at best doesn’t help much.)

Third mission, Grontmomble placed in charge again. This is likely not condusive to the health of the party. Gront not that smart, nor skilled in tactics beyond either Smash Them or Split Up and Smash Them. Sent to assist local Dwarven Clan Home outside of the Forge in problems with Crypt. Incapable of investigating on their own

Grontmomble, Leader
Sarcastic Scales, Lizard Warrior Assistant
Expendable Brinchie Rogue
Highly Recomended Avikar Archer
New Korindian Druid (Keep spares on hand)

Blind Lizard carrying lantern on point. INvestigation shows not dwarven crypt. Skeletons stand up as we watch. Look to be about human sized. Battle begins with quick death on the part of the skeletons

Skelitons much more nimble than they appear. Skeletons and blades also do not mix well. Trees and low ceilings are also a bad combo.

Room cleared after lots of flailing around.

Gront examines the crypts. Determines they hold dead and not so dead stuff. Does not recognize any of the languages on the crypts.

Second room of crypt, door partially off it’s hinges already. room filled with earth pillars

Gront does not like Shadows.

Large shadow appears in the second room. Cats blades pass thru it. Snowball does not. Gront seems to be the only one to hit it. Gront suggests a break to recharge.

After a two hour rest, group heads further down. Enter large room bisected by river of lava. Room is filled with stone pillars, some of which are broken and shattered. Room also holds two gargoyles, two large brutes (abysals) and a creatures chanting to cast some sort of spell. Everything seems tough to hit

Expendable charges the brutes and taunts them, which they oblidge.

With distraction and aid, gront takes down the two gargoyles. Expendable takes down one of the abysals

flying thing sent across the lava to delay the caster.

Gront plays golf with abysals head

Everyone else charges across the room vaulting, leaping (Or in the case of the cat, a double axel with a plant for a 9.4, 7…3 from the Kalindal judge) only to have the caster vanish and teleport out.

After desecrating the altar, Gront freezes it with his final essence, splitting the alter in two.
(Report closes, or more to the pont, appears to start with a big goblin smiley face with one side of it’s face burned off. )
Additional Information:
This was the third and final convention game for Macon Denver 2013.

9/28/13 Ratkin Ambush, Wandering Kal soldiers

Submitted by BearMichaelStanley on Sun, 10/06/2013 – 11:31

Mission Assignment:
Sent out to escort green recruits back to town. Ambushed by Ratkin and saved town from rampaging soldiers.

After Action Report:
(Note: This is written in such a fashion as to be all but undeciferable by the average reader. the text is written upside downs and backwards starting in the lower right hand corner and drifts back and forth between the languages of Galean, Goblinesh, Kalinesh, and Childer. When done, it looks like a bunch of meaningly scrawls and splotches. Grontmomble reinforces this impression with vague sketches of events in stick figures. The fact that gront’s syntax is poor at best doesn’t help much.)


Contained within are the details of the second mission, in which Grontmomble and crew are sent out with previous new recruit to meet up with additonal green recruits (please send experienced troops in the future) and escort them back to town.

Group consisted of Grontmomble, Leader
Sarcastic Scales, Dragorian Warrior Assistant
Doesnt-Do-Much, Dwarf Tinker,
Blowhard-Lotta-Wind, Avikar Archer and Scout

Sarccastic Scales is a capable assistant. Consider promoting him to command status to he stops assisting Grontmomble.

Ambushed by Ratkin on way back to town. Distracted by wounded guardsmen in road. Battle not long lived (it was Ratkin, after all). Majority of rats killed by Grontmomble. Sarcastic-Scales assisted with one death. One death also noted by Tinker. Blowhard Elf circled over head and rained down words (And an arrow or two)

Party advanced on burning town after scouted by Blowhard. Reports Kalinar Troops pillaging and burning the town and abusing the villagers. Party split to circle town. Poor idea, dont do this again.

Grontmomble laid low with crushing blow by pillaging troops after failing to sneak into the town. Gront proceded to occupy the attention of two of the six attacking groups. Troups led by Battle Priest (wielding Flames) and Minotaur.

Avikar danced around in the wind to distract troops. Claims to have saved Grontmombles life. Gront took two additional (temporarily) crippling blows, one of which made riding horses somewhat difficult. Much better now.

Note to Command Staff: Healers are NOT optional equipment.

Combat slowly whittled down the base troops to the amusement of the Battlepriest. Dwarf and Lizard occupied other troops while Grontmomble attempted to recover from lame wound, shot to the groin, and winding attack. Blowhard distracted remaining combatant by kicking up dirt into its face with wings.

Avikar did NOT save Grontmombles life. Repeat, despite Blowhards claims, he did NOT save Grontmomble. Grontmomble was just fine.

Lizard throws impressive throw of spear at Minatour, not doing any damage by annoying the hell out of it. Battlepriest closes to fight and knocks Tinker for a loop. Tinker already a bit loopy, so perhaps knocked him for another loop.

Lot of scuffling.

Lizard kills Minotaur. Please promote him. Now.

Battlepriest flees in face of oveerwhelming odds, leaving him troops behind.

Grontmomble finishs battle by falling on remaining combatant. This was done on purpose to subdue him and take him prisoner for interogation. Obtained name of cowardly battlepriest.

Seems the Kal are retreating north with orders to burn and pillage as they go. Battlepriest has likely fled home.

Oh yes, note to Command Staff, Ow. Ow ow ow ow ow. Please promote Lizard.
Additional Information:
This was the second game at Malcon Denver 2013

9/27/13 Earthquake Investigation

Submitted by BearMichaelStanley on Sun, 10/06/2013 – 11:28
Mission Assignment: Sent out to check out local earthquakes

After Action Report:
(Note: This is written in such a fashion as to be all but undeciferable by the average reader. the text is written upside downs and backwards starting in the lower right hand corner and drifts back and forth between the languages of Galean, Goblinesh, Kalinesh, and Childer. When done, it looks like a bunch of meaningly scrawls and splotches. Grontmomble reinforces this impression with vague sketches of events in stick figures. The fact that gront’s syntax is poor at best doesn’t help much.)


Contained within are the report details of the mission to meet up with new recruits on the road and delve into the source of tremors and quakes near the town of Balton

Grontmomble, placed in charge of mission (to his and others distress)
Licks-The-Fallen, Brinchie Rogue
Sarcastic-Scales, Dragorian Warrior
Metal-Fist-In-Face, Krindorian Druid

Reports from the villagers are that earthquakes of unknown origin have been presenting in the area and tremors started a few weeks back. Efforts by three villages to investigate resulted in only one returning. Reports encounter with a giant metal construct and short folk who spit electrical discharges from things in their hands. Hunter returned in poor shape, others dead.

Efforts to obtain nourishment before the battle by Grontmomble resulted in the pervert Cat, Licks-The-Fallen, molesting a goat. Gront decided to eat after the battle, working up a hunger. Goat Molestation is not a turn on for Gront.

Investigation of trail followed by three villages showed huge tracks made by something larger and heavier than Grontmomble, and small dwarf-like tracks of potential support staff. Party approached a clearing from which noises and movement were apparent, air filled with the smell of ozone. Sounds came from giant metalic Golem and three Builders who were tinkering with it. Druid insisted on entering the clearing alone to engage in diplomatic discourse. Cat sent to flank behind while Grontmomble and Sarcastic-Scales flanked on one side.

Druid Negotations fail. Annoyed Builders by randomly pushing buttons and jamming his staff into the leg gears of the golem. Entertaining, as golem was forced to move in circles. Not so entertaining for Druid as he caught metallic fist square in face, all but flattening him.

Note: Do not send Metal Hater to negotiate with Metal Crafters in the future

Grontmomble opened up fight on our side by turning one foe into a frozen statue and severe injuring the leader.

Leader of Builders leveled quickly. Warrior closed to save Druid. Druid responded by fleeing battle, saying he was too hurt to continue taking metallic fists to the face (Wuss)

Cat took strange detour to lick the frozen builder before launching himself at the Golem. Have him checked for drugs or mood altering substences, very concerned by his erattic actions. Goat may never recover.

Dragorian disabled Golem before it could attempt to follow Druid. Grontmomble brings battle to a close, smashing final builder with his walking stick. Gathered Builders gear and returned to file report. Druid complained about being on the front lines (wuss).

Removal of Builders and Golem seems to have solved the problem of the Tremors. Villagers should be able to move back to villages safely. Charge the Cat for the Goat.

Still Hungry. Problem of Goat resolved.

Additional Information:
This was the first of the Convention games at Malcon in Denver 2013

9/22/13 Grey Lantern Report 003

Campaign: Rangers of Jasara

Avi Hollensword
Grontmomble Grumblebelly

Assignment: Travel to the village of Lyrian and check in with the rebuild efforts, then travel onto Jasara and establish a base of operations.

After Action Report:
From the desk of Gibben Draxx
Well its official. We were called to Kork this afternoon to meet some of my new rangers. On arriving Karg and I waiting patiently for Kork to fit us in. While waiting I was able to observe the new rangers. There were three that reported for the assignment. A sorcerer who likes throwing snowballs around on a regular basis. Seems a waste of power but since he’s an Ogre I’m really not surprised. A dwarven tinker with a decent aim with a crossbow, and an Aelekar who seems to like shiny things filled out the ranks for now. Im beginning to think command is trying to set me up for some kind of joke. Kork provided us our mission and sent us on our way. Short and sweet <snicker> as always. I was told that I would be receiving another command officer. A human Sergeant Major named Ballor. He is a skilled archer and has been commanding troops for many years. He will be my third in command and in charge of any military coordination with Jasara.
The trip to Lyrian was uneventful though the new recruits seem to be scared of me blowing them up. I’ll let them stay that way for now as its good for them to fear their leader. We stopped in at lyrian for a nights rest. We found the village in the middle of repairs. All rangers performed admirably and worked hard to help rebuild while we were there. Another group of rangers will be coming north in a few weeks to provide relief efforts and escort a larger group of rangers to join us in Jasara.
After leaving Lyrian we continued north to Jasara and for the next few weeks travel was uneventful. Just south of the forges we did encounter a group of ratzin and a Kal war priest. I was rather impressed at how well the group worked together to make short work of these denizens. Gront’s snowball skills proved rather powerful.
Once we arrived in Jasara we were escorted through town to a small home and stable near the inner wall in the military district. The house was nothing special; two stories, two upper rooms and 2 larger rooms on the main level. There was as stable next door that was made available to us to house about a dozen horses.
It took a few hours before our contacts arrived. The Lady Jessica Faklinor and a rather gruff dwarf named Bale Darktunnel. They welcomed us and told us they would be our contacts within the council. We had been informed there was some tension on the council with bringing the rangers here but I wasn’t expecting this level. It seems these two council members are the only ones who approved and as such were assigned as out babysitters. I will be working with them closely in the future. They explained that we will be working as an extension of the City guard for the time being and if the relationship with the Rangers can be improved then we could begin making our presence known.
Gront asked if this house would be our home and base of operations by saying, “house small, where sleep?”. Jessica smiled and Bale seemed to roll his eyes at us. They pointed out a passage hidden under a large table. This lead us into a rather well built underground complex providing us all the comforts of home, including bunk rooms, training rooms, and even a small lab for me to work in.
At this point we were left to get settled in. Its going to be interesting living and working with these folks but they are my rangers and I will lead them to the best of my ability.

Important NPCs:
- Kork – Dwarf commander for the Grey Rangers.

- Gibben Drax – Goblin Lieutenant assigned as commander for the Rangers of Jasara. He has risen over the years in rank and the Rangers have given him a chance at command. With the influence of the goblinesh gathers in the north Gibben was chosen as a familiar face to help ease the integration.

- Karg – Ogre Sergeant assigned as Gibben’s 2nd in command. He is a bruiser and has worked with Gibben for many years.

- Jessica Faklinor – Member of the council of 9 for Jasara. A human with a very polite and giving personality.

- Bale Darktunnel – Member of the council of 9 for Jasara. A dwarf who begrudgingly gave his support to reaching out to the rangers for assistance, but is not impressed yet.
Additional Information:
Home Game – 2 exp rewarded

9/10/13 - Grey Lantern Report 002

Campaign: Rangers of Jasara

Assignment: This was mostly a character building and background day. No exp was awarded.

After Action Report:
From the desk of Gibben Draxx
The last few days have been stressful and extremely busy. I’ve been attending continuous meetings and briefings trying to get ready for my new assignment. I’m not sure if the commander is entirely sure this is a good idea sending me to this remote of a location. Though I take it as a great honor that they bestow so much trust in me. I will strive to make sure that trust is not misplaced.
We received word the group sent north a week ago did in fact survive and have stayed in Lyrian to help rebuild. I have been asked to escort a small group north to relieve the group and have them join the crew of my new outpost in Jasara. I look forward to meeting these people and learning the details of their success. I’ve been told we should be leaving in a few days. The primary group I will be commanding has still not yet arrived in Krythos.

Additional Information:
Home Game – No EXP awarded

8/18/13 - Grey Lantern Report 001

Campaign: Rangers of Jasara

Characters (pregen con demo intro, each player will be creating full characters for the next session) – Brinch, Aeva, Dwar, Drego, Kor

Assignment: Deliver messages and scout the village of Lyrian 2 days north west of Krythos and report back. Dispatch any threats to the region and support the local population in any way you can.

After Action Report:
From the desk of Gibben Draxx. –
This is my first official Grey Lantern report and I hope I do this right. I have recently received new orders and will be leaving the Southern Kingdoms to return north in a few days. I have been assigned to a new remote outpost in the Kingdom of Jasara. Its located just south of the Evershade Forest and only a few days ride from the gather where I was born. I haven’t been this far north in many years. Hopefully the Olaran’s have forgotten about the incident that lead me into the rangers service. I still don’t know what the problem was. It was just a little fire and I still haven’t worked out the recipe again.
I write this to relay a mission report on behalf of another team. They were sent north a few weeks ago and only one member of the team returned. Aeva, an Aevakar archer, struggled to get home with several grievous wounds. Once tended and rested she was able to report the following:
A few hours outside of the village of Lyrian they came across the bodies of several guards were ambushed by a small horde of Ratzin. It didn’t take long for the group to dispatch them and tend to the single surviving guard. The Guard informed them of a larger group that had attacked them while they were on patrol. It appears to be a group of fleeing Kal soldiers with orders to kill and burn anything in their path as they ran for home. Aeva flew a scouting run to the village and reported back a rather large group of soldiers accompanied by a Kal War Priest, a Minotaur, and a Gargoyle. Being young and rather heroic the group ran to the aid of the town.
They attacked from three sides and took the leaders by surprise. Brinch and Kor (a Brinchie fighter and Korindian Druid) climbed the backside of a smalls tables where the Gargoyle was perched watching the fight. With some amazing acrobatics Brench grappled the Gargoyle from behind and they both fell from the roof to the ground below. Dwar and Drego (a Dwarf Tinker and Dregordian Warrior) charged from the other side of the courtyard pushing the Priest and the Minotaur back. Aeva provided air support, which in the end didn’t work out as well as she had hoped.
As the battle raged Aeva was attacked by four soldiers with longbows and took several critical wounds. As she landed to catch her breath she saw the Priest strike Dwar across the chest and Drego was gored by the Minotaur as it charged. It was a bloody fight and Aeva has trouble retelling this part of the events. Brench and Kor had been surrounded on the other side of the courtyard by two soldiers and the gargoyle, it did not appear to be going well. As the four soldiers began to close in on Aeva she took flight and fled hoping to find help and be able to rescue her friends later. The last things she saw as she looked back were Dwar taking an arrow to the leg as he collapsed, and the limp body of Drego hanging from the Minotaurs Horns. A few moments later the Gargoyle screamed and she never looked back.
It was several days before she could get help with her wounds. I don’t think she will ever fly as well again and her shooting days may be done. I have been told I will be leading the search party for these lost rangers and hope to find them alive at least. We have lost too many in these last few years and for these to be younglings fresh out of training makes the sting that much worse.

Additional Information:
Home Game – 5 exp rewarded for each player (new player reward)

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