Xenagog - Ranger

The pretty one


Rank/XP: Novice/17
Race: Dregordian
Agility: D6 Smarts: D6 Spirit: D6 Strength: D12 Vigor: D8
Pace: 6 in. Parry: 8 (1) Toughness: 9 (3) Charisma: (-2)
Skills: fighting- d12 intimidation-d6 notice-d8stealth- d4 streetwise- d4 survival- d4 swim- d6 throwing- d6
Edges: powerfull- raise strength by one die type chosen of the horn:1 benny per session, seasoned2 on any opposed trait rolls to resist flame or darkness effects, veteran the champion edge. if the hero is a palladin or a soul gaurd, the effect stack. kayakor initiate: “+1” to anyone armed with a reach 0 weapon and opponents loose one point of gang up bonus, Sweep: can attack multiple adjacent targets at “-2: penalty
Hindrances: Heroic (Major), Poverty (Minor), Quirk (Minor) – Takes a bite of whatever he has killed at the end of a battle.
Gear: Full Dregordialn scale Armor (”3",“-4” Coverage), Kayakor (Strd10, Reach 1, “+1” Parrry, AP 1, 2 hands). Throwing spears (3/6/12. Str+d6), backpack, Bedroll, Flint and Steel, Travel Clothing, Water Skin


Xenagog - Ranger

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