Valkeel Sateer - Ranger 1st Class

Grey Ranger Expert on Accursed Lands Corruption


Rank/XP: Novice/12
Race: Eldakar
Agility: D6 Smarts: D12 Spirit: D10 Strength: D4 Vigor: D6
Pace: 6 in. Parry: 5 (1) Toughness: 6 (1) Charisma: 2
Skills: Fighting d4, Notice d6, Healing d4, Investigation d6, Knowledge (Cosmology) d4, Knowledge (Dark Creatures) d4, Knowledge (Flame Creatures) d4, Knowledge (Magic) d8, Sorcery d12, Survival d4, Swimming d4
Edges: Brilliant, Sorcerer, Chosen of the Horn (2/13/14-SPF-GhengisCon2014), Power Points,
Hindrances: Enemy (Prelacy of Camon) (M), Curious (m), Loyal (m)
Gear: Partial leather (“+1”), Valkeela’s Staff (Str+d4; Reach 1"; Parry “+1”, see notes), Backpack, Bedroll, 4 candles, flint & steel, waterskin, scroll case with parchment and pen/ink, small knife, bandages, rations, Notebook on Corruption
Essence: 15
Spells: Bolt, Jet, Silence, Cantrips
Special Abilities: Enemies, Gossamer, Immortal Grace, Acumen, and Will, Keen Fae Senses, Low Light Vision, Magically Sensitive, Unearthly Fae Beauty, Weakness, “+2” vs Accursed corruption
Defining Interests: Astronomy, Literature, Lore (archanon, fae), Gardening, Singing

Valkeel’s Staff of Knowledge and Power
(Given by SPF on 2/14/2014 at Ghengis Con 2014)
Everwood and Ironwood marbled staff, “+1” all investigation & knowledge checks, “+1” sorcery, “+2” all soul drain checks, Danger Sense


Born to a minor noble family on the outskirts of the fae nation. Valkeel’s father would regularly take the family on journey’s to the forges. he believed it was important to foster a good relationship with the dwarven allies and bringing the whole family along showed trust in his hosts. One year shortly after leaving the forges to head home the caravan they traveled with was attacked by Prelacy of Camon forces and captured. His family was taken prisoner to use as an example before the church of those unclean. The journey was torturous and long. At one point his Valkeel’s sister was taken by several of the guards and beaten. Valkeel watched in horror as her life was forfit as entertainment for the troops. As she died Val’s will broke and something stirred inside him. A power he had never known before lashed out in a jet of energy. In a few short bursts he slaughtered all but one Prelacy guard. As he passed out from the exhaustion he saw the guard running for his life. The rest of the prisoners tended to Valkeel and they escaped home. Ever since then he has made it his drive and focus in life to protect those from the terany of the Prelacy and any others who would do life harm. He joined the rangers and requested a position in the northern lands. It wasnt long after he finished training that he was assigned to the Kingdom of Jasara.

5: sorcery d12/know(magic) d8
10: power points
15: new power (dispell magic)
20: applications
25: knowledge (dark creatures) & (flame creatures) d6

Valkeel Sateer - Ranger 1st Class

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