Tora - Ranger



Rank/XP: Novice/0
Race: Brinche
Agility: D8 Smarts: D4 Spirit: D6 Strength: D8 Vigor: D4
Pace: 8 in. Parry: 9 (0) Toughness: 7 (3) Charisma: “-2”
Skills: Climbing- d6 “+2”, Fighting- d8 Investigation- d4 Notice- d4 Stealth- d4 Throwing- d6
Edges: Acrobat (Racial), Kalinata, Natural Climber
Hindrances: Young (M), Big Mouth (m), Vengeful agains Prilacy (m)
Gear: Partical Scale Armor (“+3”), Lo-sska (str+d8), Nazatiran Throwing Spikes (Str+d4 4/8/16)


Tora was orphaned by prilacy forces and joined the rangers to get vengence.

Tora - Ranger

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