Sarcastic Scales - Corporal

The ugly one


Rank/XP: Seasoned 38
Race: Dregordian Warrior
Agility: D6 Smarts: D8 Spirit: D8 Strength: D10 Vigor: D8
Pace: 6 in. Parry: 8 (1) Toughness: 10 (3) Charisma: (-2)
Skills: Fighting d12, Intimidation d6, Notice d6, Stealth d4, Streetwise d4, Survival d4 , Swim d6, Throwing d6

Chosen of the Horn

White Silver Tip

Languages: Dregordian, Childer, Olarin

Heroic, Ugliest (by far), and Poverty

Kayakor Initiate: The traditional weapon of any dregordian warrior is the kayakor. (see page 84) True practitioners of the martial forms associated with this weapon learn to master its offensive and defensive capactiy to great effect. Kayokor initiate wielding a kayakor gains a +1 Fighting against anyone armed with a Reach 0 weapon. As well, opponents lose one point of Gang Up bonus against the Kayakor Initiate as they learn to move and spin their weapons in a constant circle of blocking positions. (Fighting d12) (Strength d10)

Sweep: Sweep allows a character to make a single Fighting attack and apply it against all currently adjacent targets at a -2 penalty (friends and foes alike-be careful). Resolve each damage roll separately. The attack is applied immediately when rolled and only affects targets adjacent at that time. A character may not use Sweep in the same round she uses Frenzy, nor may she Sweep more than once per round, or with a second weapon held in another hand. In effect, the hero may only perform Sweep once per action unless she somehow gets two entire actions (perhaps under the affects of a spell or power, for example) (Fighting d12) Strength d10)

Counter-Attack: Fighters with this edge know how to respond instantly to an enemies mistakes. Once per round, the character receives one free fighting attack against one adjacent foe’s failed a fighting attack against him. This attack is made at a -2 and the counterattack must be a normal attack. (No disarm, wild attack, or other maneuvers) and may not be combined with frenzy or sweep. It may be used w/ the defend maneuver, but not full defense.

First Strike:


Leader Among Equals

Aquatic: Dregordians are naturally amphibious and can breath underwater. Their swimming Pace equals their Swimming skill die type in inches, and they begin with a d6 in Swimming.

Battle Rage: A dregordian engage in battle must pass a Spirit roll at the beginning of each round or fall prey to his bestial nature. While in this agitated state he may onle make wild attacks and suffers the effects of Bloodthirsty. If not directly threatened, he may take one round to regain self control with a Spirit Roll at -2

Jungle Dweller: Dregordians suffer a -4 penalty to resist cold enviromental effects.

Mighty: Powerful and tough, dregordians begin with a d8 Strength and Vigor. Furthermore, their natural maximum Strength and Vigor is d12+2. and they can reach these levels with normal Advances. Withouth applying the Professional or Legendary Edges (which can bump their Strength to d12+3 and +4 respectively)

Outsider: Dregordians are pretty much alien to every other race, both in appearance and mentality.

Ponderous: Dregordians must spend double points to raise their Agility during character creation but may increase it normally after that.

Tail and Claws: Dregordians have natural claws that ccan do lethal damage (Str+d4) and are always considered “armed.” Their tail is flexible enough to be used as a weapon, as well, doing Str+d4 in either nonlethal or lethal damage

Gear: Full Dregordian Scale Armor (3, -4 Coverage), Kayakor (Strd10, Reach 1, 1 Parry, AP 1, 2 Hands), Throwing Spears (3/6/12, Strd6), Backpack, Bedroll, Flint & Steel, Travel Clothing, Water Skin


Sarcastic Scales is a dregordian with an interesting history. He was adandoned at birth in a poor area of the Dregordian republic, marked with the ugliest scar/face that many have seen in their life. Because he was found without a birth name but rather a symbol that is found in only a few shredded pieces of ancient dregordian history (and the pronunciation/meaning of the symbol is also lost) he was only known as “That” for the longest time. At first he was put in a normal orphanage (but was forced to wear a scarf or hood over his face at all times due to the hideousness of it), but soon became known amongst the children as a champion for the kids that would get picked on using a quick tact of fighting or just exposing his face to make the assailants retreat in fear. This reputation was witnessed first hand by a traveling vicar of a kayakar monastary as he watched the young dregordian fight off 5 attackers at once who were trying to steal bread from a young dregordian girl. Impressed with the display of heroic-ism, the vicar requested the Dregordian republic release “that” into his monastery’s care which was granted, and “That” was moved out to the monastery.

“That” took to the training of the Kayakar like a dregordian to water, quickly putting his body through some of the toughest tests and being a very skilled warrior. Unfortunately, “That” also learned that while he is skilled, people stayed wary of him because of his ugliness, a lesson that continues to be learned constantly. However, part of being a skilled warrior also meant study and understanding, which “That” struggled with. However, an incident he witnessed one day made him realize his need of learning to protect himself and those around him. One day while out doing basic training, “That” stumbled upon a caravan of slaves from the Prilocy of Kamman. Suddenly, as the caravan crested a hill, an elf slave suddenly freed himself using magic and along with the help of a few others, laid waste to his Prilocy captors. This event stuck in the mind of “That” as he knew elves could use magic but never considered them a threat. Since that time “that” became a constant student of anything information about potential opponents and also monsters.

After a few years, the Monastery of Kayakar announced they would have the manhood ceremony for (a culmination of training that leads to fighting the most difficult beast in Dregordia, the dreaded Drake) for all of the initiates that passed their tests and those who were ready needed to be nominated. Even though he was the youngest amongst the Monastery trainees, “That” was picked to be part of this manhood ceremony (held every 5 years) because of his exceptional battle skill. The task originally had 32 trainees selected and they were sent into the woods of Dregordia to find and kill a drake, which was to be brought back to the Monastery as proof of their progression to being ready to be in the world. The 32 left with the hopes of a quick kill, as the last manhood ceremony had only lasted a week and all warriors returned. However, the trainees learned quickly this was not to be the case, as on their first night in camp, 2 drakes came in the night and killed 10 of their comrades, while 15 others were injured. “That” did not get injured because in his study he found that Drakes avoid places that smell of old blood, or a decaying carcass because they are hunters they only want to kill live things (true to their hunting nature). Smearing himself with old blood originally brought ridicule from the others, but after that night when finding “That” had been the closest to the area where the Drakes struck and seeing that he was unharmed and untouched, attitude towards “That” changed quickly. With a majority of their hunting party now inundated, “That” took command and led his party to areas that could be defended easily, using the dead carcass trick to save the injured members from further night attacks.

After 1 and a half weeks of a cat and mouse game, “That” was finally able to locate the cavern the drakes were using as a base of operations. Seizing the ability of his study and tact, “That” was able to collapse one entrance on a drake as it left, forcing the others to scatter, giving him and his party time to take and kill the stranded drake. Upon their return and after hearing the tales from the manhood ceremony, it was decided “that” would be named chief of the hunt (title of the best warrior). With this title “that” was given 2 options, he could become a warrior of the dregordian republic, or he could serve in a new organizations known as the grey rangers, which explained to him is an outfit that is to serve the people of many places and help them stop the evils of their lands. “That” chose to serve in the Grey Rangers, finding his love of helping the weak too much for him to stay in Dregordia.

After reporting to Gibbon Thraxx, a goblin of immense oddity, he was assigned to fight alongside with a brenshi warrior, a foolish democracy loving driud, and a bizarre Mage Ogre known as Grontmomble. In his first fight, "That’ proved he was a capable fighter, but also a very sarcastic one. From that time on, Grontmomble, and all others began to call him Sarcastic Scales, a name for which he uses in place of anyone trying to find out his real one.

Sarcastic Scales - Corporal

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