Luna Sky - Ranger 1st Class

Flying archer of doom


Rank/XP: Seasoned/28
Race: Aevakar
Agility: D8 Smarts: D6 Spirit: D6 Strength: D6 Vigor: D6
Pace: 6 in. Parry: 7 (1) Toughness: 6 (2) Charisma: 1
Skills: Fighting:d8, Healing:d4, Notice:d6, Repair:d4, Shooting:d10, Stealth:d6, Tracking:d6
Edges: Aerial Archer, Fast Flier, quick draw, luck, greater luck, combat reflexes,
Hindrances: Loyal (party), Enemy (Orc Clan Whrathgar) killed a family that that tryed to kill me, Code of Honor
Gear: Partial Scale Armor, Longbow, Spear, Backpack, bedroll, travel clothing, flint/steel, quiver, fletching tools, water skin
Defining Interests: Jewelry Painting, gardning, meteorology
Languages: Galean (common)Fae (Aevakar Dialect)Goblinesh

Special Abilitites: chosen of the horn (2/15/14, Ghengis Con 2014, SPF), White silver arrows (spirit to activate, arrows are white silver for 3 rounds, also from SPF at Ghengis Con 2014)



5 – d4 repair
10 -quick draw
15 – luck
20 – great luck
25 – combat reflexes
30 – Shooting d12
35 – Agility D10
40 –
45 –
50 – Double Shot
55 – Agility D12
60 -

Luna Sky - Ranger 1st Class

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