Grontmomble Grumblebelly - Ranger 1st Class

Confusing/ed Ice Magi


Rank/XP: Veteran / 56
Race: Ogre
Agility: D4 Smarts: D12 Spirit: D8 Strength: D8 Vigor: D10
Pace: 7 in. Parry: 5 Toughness: 11 (4) Charisma: -2
Skills: Fighting d4, Intimidation d8, Investigation d4, Cosmology d8(1), Magic d8(1), Sorcery d12 (1), Notice d6 (1)
Edges: More than Muscle, Sorcery
Hindrances: Curious (Major), Big Mouth (Minor), Loyal (Minor), Phobia – Shadows (Due to injury)
Gear: Partial Plate and Chain, Enchanted Ogre Staff (str+d8) , Side Satchel, Parchment and Ink, Bedroll, Flint and Steel, Bandages, Gray Robe (Knee Length), Traveling Clothing, Waterskin, Journal, Ice Carving Tools, Evergreen Branch, Iron Horseshoe on Chain, Broken Arkfire Lance, Enchanted Holly Cluster
Essence: 20
Spells: Bolt, Jet, Entangle, Armor, Healing
Special Abilities: Big target, Great Strides, Keen Smell, Mighty and Resilient, Monstrous Size, Monstrous Appearance, Outsider, Size 2, Reach, Thermal Vision, Chosen of the Horn
Defining Interests: Geology, Herbalism, Ice Carving, Kalinesh Lore, Heraldry
Languages: Galean, Goblinish, Kalinesh, Childer, Camonore, Shayae
Level Edges: (5) Power Points, (10) Armor Spell, (15) Smarts to d12, (20) Luck, (25) Mage Edge, (30) Power Points, (35) Soul Bonded Staff (
5 essence, +1 Smarts Rolls), (40) Proficiency – Bolt Spell, (45) Vigor to d10 (50) Sorcery to d12 and Sorcery to d12 and Notice to d6 (55) Expanded Awareness – Healing

Notes on Enchanted Staff: Due to having promised himself to the Horn and being willing to offer up his own life in place of an ally, Gront’s staff has become enchanted. Cosmetically, it now has icicles growing permanently from the root ball of the tree. It grants Gront the ability to apply Ice or Cold effects to spells. Additionally, a small Ice Sprite has taken up residence in Gront’s tree.
Notes on Enchanted Holly Cluter: Gift from Druids. Grants bonus of +1 to all casting rolls for Armor and Entangle


Grontmomble Grumblebelly - Ranger 1st Class

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