Georgio Brandus


Sex: Male
Race: Human
Age: Middle

Skin: Dark Brown
Hair: Long, curly, graying dark brown
Eyes: Green, somewhat small
Height: A little tall
Weight: Fairly muscular
Build: Broad

Your character is short-tempered and impatient.

Courteous: Sometimes
Risk-Taking: Usually
Ambitious: Usually
Curious: Generally
Self-Controlled: Sometimes
Nurturing: Usually
Trusting: Sometimes
Honest: Sometimes
Loyal: Generally
Affectionate: Occasionally
Romantic: Occasionally
Flirty: Typically
Sympathetic: Often
Altruistic: Occasionally
Optimistic: Generally
Observant: Occasionally
Logical: Occasionally
Social: Fairly solitary
Emotions: Very stable


An Olaran who served under Jessica Faklinor on the Council of Nine. He recently took over her seat upon her death and is working against the rangers wherever possible. He is from Hale in Olara. No real family in town at least and he never speaks about any back home.

Georgio Brandus

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