Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Jasara

Yet More Lost Druids

3/2/2014, home game, PC report, Grontmomble

or Why dont we tie some Bells on these guys?

party consists of

Luna Sky, arial support
Telchar, dwarf tinker
Merick, Human caster
Avi, 3/4 elf archer
Tora, kitten warrior
Valkeel, Human Fop
Guriel, Cat Warrior
Zenagog, Not so ugly lizard

Settle into new quarters at The Outpost, then head out to try and rescue more lost druids.

Mutation in the Evershade forest persist. Animals are more wild, more agressive. Corruption seems have taken root. New birth of animals and plants showing with coruption already present.

rebels fighting inside the Kalinar empire, causing problems for them.

cracks between here and the accursed lands occuring, accounting for strange vampires and leachmen.

Repports of invasion from the Shayakar lands expanding.

Gront suggest tying bells to Druids since they keep getting lost.

corrupting effects of Floaters allows necro druids to pigback on the non-necro-druids rituals to open way for blood queen and accursed lands.

arive in Oakton. When setting up for the night, Val draws attention to threads moving to the north west

After setting up camp, merick’s brother albion come to visit. Gaunt man on pale horse with skull mask. aparently has to hide face

Some of party has nightmares of the Bitchqueen.

pack up and hit the road again. Arive as target site late in afternoon.clearing seems to have campfires. Avi and Guriel move ahead to scout. 4 necro druids and lots of skeletons. parently our sneaks not sneaky enough, one of druids reached down and kills someone / something causing ritual to go off and summoning beasts and causing explosiong of goo. 2 giant bears and four giant boars (Or bob-pigs as Avi calls them)

telchar and merick charge in start firinig. Guriel and Tora barrel into the center of the battle. Avi kills one of the necros. Valkeel begins clearing skeletons with bolts.

Gront takes out one of the two bears. Albion charges into the edge of the combat.

Necrodruid summons rock golumn and two tree golumns, while another summons even more skeletons. Zenagog and avi take out two of the boars.

Gront levels a punishing blow to the sprite animating one of the tree golumns to no effect.

Other tree seems resistant to damage. Avi, and luna land punishing blows, but the things shrugs them off.

One of the necrodruids does signifigant damange to valkeel. Albion takes out two of the skeletons and another of the boars. Tora takes down one more of the necrodruids.

Gront removes the final necrodruid and annoys the stone golumn, Lots of flailing at the last bear, tree, and rock.

Telchar shield charges the stone golumn at full speed (For a dwarf) and makes a lot of noise. His shield give a burst of light and knocks the creature back a ways.

Tora charges up the hill and leaps upon the stone golumn. As she passes thru the air, the spirit shape of a unicorn forms around her and the horn lines up with her sword, the strike shattering the stone.

The wave of clensing energy seems to purge the area of corruption.


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