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Waterfront Investigation

3/16/2014, Home game, PC Report, Clank Grumblebelly

Staff Involved
Clank Grumblebelly, Author
Sarcastic Scales, Commander
Merrick, Healer
Xenagog, Front line Offenive
Avi, Archer Support
Guriel, Front Line Offensive
Arkah, Front Line Offensive
Telchar, Support

Investigation of multiple leads in town.
- Prylose seems to sending scouting forces in greater numbers
- Investigate house Dolinar
- Increased Floater presence
- Reported death of Life Spirits tied to Bloodqueen. Issue Resolved
- Sightings of Builders
- Shianor also sighted
- Corruption seems to have mostly cleared up. Evershade forest still has signifigant corruption. Issue considered either resolved or of little importance at this time.

Events of Note:
- Calahan, owner of the Darrow Inn visits to deliver brew and inform Valkeel of his obligations to do repairs.

- Sarcastic Scales attempts to direct the group, lack of cohesion seems to be a problem. Attempted to lend him support, but staff requires a firm hand and direction. Recommend instruction in proper protocol and procedure for troops. Not of sufficient rank to implement correction or instruction.
Telchar and Merrick noticed increased patrols in town.

- Staff Finaly agreed to investigate the potential corruption on the council of town

  • upon ariving in town, the party fragments.
    > Xenagog heads to undertown
    > Avi heads to the harbor.
    > Telchar drops back to seperate from the group.
    > Remaining staff decideds to speak with Bael the Dwarf. Bael informs us that the increased patrols is due to increased floater presence. Concerned that ships from up river might transport their cargo to south bound ships.
  • Avi and Xenagog caused some kind of disturbance in town.
    > Apparently there was an explosion at the harbor and Avi and Xenagog bought some drugs from a merchant. Turns out the “Drugs” are actually deadly mandrake root. When the disturbance occurred, 12 other merchants packed up. Suggest we threaten the merchant, then release him back to the populous so we might follow him.
> dead end questioning. Merchant seems to have been an innocent who took the drugs in trade, had no info on sources. May wish to persue action with him to identify whom he received goods in trade from. Claims he has not seen the person since the trade.

- Investigation of Waterfront and Explosion

  • Telchar, Merrick and Arkah break into the warehouse after sending word back for the rest of the party. Seems to be a group of Builders working on two golumns.
  • Clank, Guriel, and Avi make their way to the front door of the warehouse, only to be stopped by guards. Avi and Guriel distract the guards while Clank opens the barred door the hard way with his head and shield. Avi then rushes in and turns one of the malikar into a pin cushion while guriel knocks two more for a loop.
  • Avi and Clank charge one of the golumns, scratching the surface together
  • Shrapnel from Telchar’s bolts gum up the works of the now damaged golumn, it’s leg collapses and it falls upon the builder who seemed to be giving it commands.
  • Clank then launches himself off the boxes to start randomly twisting nobs inside the second golumn, narrowly missing squashing Arkah. Clank then bounces off the golumn, grabs a wrench, bounces back up, and manages to shut down the golumn,

- After action, it is determined that Mistress Ganwin ordered this warehouse be off-limits till a member of the ruling house of Dolinar arive.

- Clank gets some help to load up one of the golums to drag it back to the outpost.

1) Instruction in the finer points of procedure and protocol for troops. Explain Chain of Command.

2) Further investigation of source of Floaters on waterfront.

3) Investigation into Mistress Ganwin and ties to House Dolinar.

Feel free to contact me with further questions, Commander Gibon.

-Sir Clank Grumblebelly, Gray Rangers


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