Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Jasara

Vampire at Darrow Inn

2/16/14, 2-6p, Ghengis Con 2014, GM: SPF, PC report, Valkeel Sateer

Character Involved: (player, pc, archtype)
Shawn, Valkeel Sateer, Eldekar Sorcerer
Aia, Luna, Aevekar Archer
Bear,Grontmomble, Ogre Sorcerer
Sebastian, Crabias, Dwarf Druid
Brian, Dorin, Dwarf Warrior
NPC, Artivan, Human Priest

Escort Valkeel to scout the road north out of Jasara for any signs of remaining corruption.

Valkeel’s Report:
Well Oakden is safe and a major blow has been struck against the Necromancers causing a lot of the trouble in the area. I’ve been working with the local druids to further understand the corruption in the area. It has become clear that the evershade forest has been forever changed by these events. I have received orders from Krythos to stay on here and continue my studies. I beleive they feel I have become something of a subject matter expert.
Most of the reinforcements HQ sent us have left and are heading home. A couple of dwarves arrived today to further assist in our efforts. Gibben has asked for me and Gront to lead them out along the trade road north to look for any lingering signs of the corruption. Things have been getting back to normal as life is begining to come back to the area. Artivan decided to join us for one last hurah before returnign home himself. Though the old man looks to have seen better days I am comforted in having him with us. I have spent several hours these last few days discussing this corruption and it is clear it may have originated here, but it was caused by a force not of our world. The Blood Queen, whoever she is is obviously behind this, but to what extent and how she was able to pierce the veil is still a mystery.
On the road north we saw only small amounts of the corrupted threads in our aura sight. And those were all retreating north away from the main settlements. The road was an easy journey and I spent most of my time studying the local plantlife and trying to not trip over my robes.
Evening was coming as we pulled into the Darrow Inn along the road. A nice place, I’ve heard and the owner Calahan and his wife Cecilia made us feel very welcome. It was not until later that we would discover why everything appeared to be so normal in the area. Artivan immediatly went for a bath and I visited the stables. Ive found that animals are the first to since any issues and they all appeared to be calm and steady. A traveling merchant from the Malakar named Antony was also staying the night. Calahan also mentioined a group of Olaran’s had stopped by, but had allready retired for the evening. As we looked around however, the hands working around the Inn became aggitated and tried to get us back inside for dinner. The Dwarves were almost pulled to the well, where we were told it to be one of the finest springs in the area. While we couldnt place what was wrong something just didnt fit.
Gront and I saw it nearly at the same time, but we were to late to warn anyone. A dampening field of “way” energy surounded part of the inn. As we saw it, the well exploded with this form of muscle standing nearly 12 feet tall rising from it. It extended tendril like muscles from its hands engulfing Gront and Crabius. I was so shocked by what I had seen I barely registered the sound of Artivan in teh bathhouse screaming for something to get away from him.
I had seen to many of these strange creatures in the last few weeks and I was damned sure not going to let another stand here and harm this area. I stepped up and laid several arcane jets into the creature. This proved a little over zealous looking back on it. I’ll need to spend some time helping Calahan rebuild his wall and replacing some of the families personal belongings. I’ll of course pay for the damages.
Stricking through the wall turned out to be a good thing however as we uncovered several Malakar agents hiding inside. One even tried to take control of Gront’s mind and to my gratitude he was able to slip from her control. Gront can be rather scary when he isnt playing at being dumb.
Crabius used a rather unique ability to borrow out of the entangled mess of tendrals he was in causing the creature to fall over. As it fell Luna took to the sky and shot it in the center of the chest. The wood from her arrows appeared to cause it a great deal of pain so I followed up with my new staff. With a single stike i was able to stop the beast from ever getting back up. Though the well may need to be cleansed before anyone touches that water again.
As more Malakar agents came out of rooms in the Inn, they struck down Antony and then engaged the dwarves. It wasnt long before the way was clear and we were able to assist Artivan. Which proved fruitless as he exited the bathhouse with nothing but his shield and mace. Dorin followed behind him with pants in hand. For an old guy he’s pretty fit, for a human of course.
As luna flew down to join the rest of us inside to finish the fight she saw a large flock of bats flying towards the Inn. Looking back on this I am still confused as to why these bats were coming here. I have never heard of such a power to summon something so specific. It is something I will research more.
As we entered the Inn we found a necromancer chanting some form of magic and the adept who tried to control Gront before. I was able to quickly get an are of silence up around the necromancer who had just engulfed himself in darkness. From out of the darkness came a women who was dressed and appeared very similar to the vampire we had fought a few days ago near fallencourt. At seeing me she became enraged and raised her weapons. Another of those metal tubes and sword unlike any i have ever seen. She pulled a lever on the bottom of the tube similar to that of a crossbow and the tube exploded in front of us. The explosion must not have been how it was supposed to react as she went flying backwards as the impact knocked her sword away from her. About this time the bats Luna had seen swarmed into the room making it extremly difficult to see. As we all recovered from the shock of what we had seen the vampire recovered and bolted for the door. Luna was waiting for a shot from outside the other door and she took it. It never fails to amaze me how precise and dangerous avekar can be with a bow. One shot and the vampire errupted into a shower of ash. The bats seemed to scatter adn fly away at this. Though one did stop to squeak at Luna before flying away.
Gront has entered the inn from the hole I had blasted earlier and found the adept trying to run. He stopped her in her tracks by hanging her from the wall by the throat. The other Malakar who were still alive surrendered and were more than happy to share the story of what had happened. It appears most of them were under some form of control by the vampire. We learned that the vampire and the muscle beast appeared though a small portal of some form deep in the evershade forest. The Malakar agents were more than happy to provide a map. They were escorting her back to the dominion and had promised great amounts of power if she worked with them. They had only stopped in here to let her rest as the sun seemed to harm her.
While helping to clean up the mess that was made, we found an item known as a “cloakstone” in the well. It appears to have been the source of the “normal” feeling. It masks all magical energies in a rather large area. I will hand this over to Gibben on our return so he and the rest of command can figure out what to do with it.


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