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Siege of Oakton

2/15/14, 9a-4p, Ghengis Con 2014, GM: SDG, PC report, Grontmomble

Characters Involved
Bear, Grontmomble Grumblebelly – Ranger 1st Class Ogre Magi
Ellen Garrett, Guriel – Ranger, Cat Warrior
Sean Fannon, Artivan, Grumpy Loudmouth Priest
Gary Watkins, Rinka, Goblin Sneakthief
Bob Richardson, Marit, Another Goblin Sneakthief
Matthew McConnell, Gilreth, High and Mighty Elf Mage
Kate King, Avi Hollensword – Ranger 3/4 elf archer
sawyer scherbenske, Krassis, Another metal hating druid
Matt, Sarcastic Scales – Ranger, Ugly Lizard
amy condon, Magdala, Yet Another Metal Hating Druid
Ari, Luna Sky – Ranger, Air Support and pincussion maker

Paul Wiese, Content Not Found: rictor-chandler_, Not pretty Human warrior
Ron Ringenback, Content Not Found: rorkalen_, Spare Cat Warrior
Tre Grisby. Content Not Found: sven-geiger, Sneaky Archer
Douglas Keester,
Content Not Found: crayon-1
, Loudmouth Orc Priest

Being sent to look into the siege and fall of Oakton, reclaim if possible, rescue mission.

(Note, in traditional fashion, this report is a scrawl of Galen, Goblinish, Kalinesh, and Childer, written backwards and upsidedown, with stickfigures and symbols interspersed.)

We being sent to look into the Fall of Oakton. Free as many villagers as possible, run out malikar, rumor they may know where were Necro-mangers are holed up.

Now know that Dark Druids have been sent from the north Malikar Empire to corrupt life Magic.

Started with you screaming at everyone to get people lined up. Consider a speaking/hearing trumpet?

Artisomething, loud priest, gives report about Darkness and Flame creatures to new recruits. Seem to be being attacked by servants of the Bloodqueen who are corrupted creatures from Outside somewhere.

Kalinar, Shinar, Malikar, and Blood Witch all likely involved.

Veil seems to be weakening, which is allowing Others to come into our world. Group has now met a Vampire of another world who had access to Arcfire technology

Leachmen are another example of invaders, transformed by Floaters. Leach-like body 6-8 feet tall with asshole ringed by teeth designed for eating. Bad design flaw, leach should have teeth at other end. No need to chew food as you crap it out. More wierdness from the Outside.

Corruption is now beginning to trap and transform life spirits, creating Clay-like Golumn. Tough and resistant to physical damage AND magic.

Reports of 3 missing druids from local circle. 2nd task to find and bring back Druids.

Oakton Palisade. North is Damaged, south has fewer defenders. Using villagers as slave labor. Reports of Gargoyles. Expect to see Minotaur and Rat-kins.

Prisoner gives info that Malikar Deminion is in competition with Shionar and others. Looks like all the bad forces not working together, but compeeting.

Artisomething takes charge (Thank you.) Avi and Guriel, Luna, Rinka, Magdala and Marit sent to scout east side to work way inside, find get out villagers. Grab someone important.

Everyone else will be distraction. Arti walk in front gate. Gront smashing open a hole in the wall with closest forest cover for surprise assault. Appologies to the owners of those houses. They got in the way.

Arti expecting to die, and wants us to abandon him if this happens. Explained that not an options. He not happy about this, but agrees grumpily. If Arti falls, that put Gront back in charge, and nobody want that.

Gibbon gave healing potions to Gront, Gilreth, Luna, and Arti.

Finally head north to Oakton. Several hours north we already see sign of decay
Take rest stop on way north. Many people doze off and have dreams of blood red/black ooze and strange face in the ooze. Avi has nightmare of black ooze washing over landscape and twisting everything. She see beautiful and terifying female. Bloodbitch?

Ariving at Oakton, Ooze covers everything, land blighted.

On south edge we can see rats and minotars on the walls. Commander with Cloak barking orders. Lots of mystic threads warping the ether.

Plan is to send Loudmouth Priest in gate, then 15-30 seconds we break from forest, Gront shatters wall and we pour in to fight (Scales, Gront, Gilreth, Krassis). Others Will then come in from the south to find both information, survivors, and people of interest.

Arti blesses us four with boost to our magic and fighting skills. Says some sort of flowery prayer. Why these people gotta be so long winded? Gilreth and Gront cast armor. Lots of pretty sparklies.

Gront drops Arti in mud puddle to complete disguise. Looks much more authentic.

Arti stumbles into town and sets of his light bomb. Angels sing, heavenly chorus, light from the sky, all that crap.

Gront blows a hole in the wall and several of the buildings, sends the others in to cause chaos

Gilrath one shots the Minotar with a massive bolt. Give him a cookie.

Scales charges in and levels the second Mino with a spear from 30 feet away. Give him a meat cookie.

Gront comes in and lays the gargoyal out with a single bolt. group turns and charges into fray with giant minotar, two corupted drakes, and a couple of necrodruids. Scales cuts into everyones fun by taking out one of the drakes before anyone else can play with it. Selfish Lizard.

Also kills second lizards before anyone can play with it. Need to teach Lizard to share.

gront busts in door of holding building to find most of the villages in norther end of town, and bunch of rats. Gront scares the piss out of them by killing the guarding Minotaur with a single bolt.

Chaos happens. Not sure how southern team faired, but we pulled a LOT of people to our distraction, so I cant think they had much to do.

Gibbon aparently not thinking we tough enough, send us reinforcements.

Bob, Craqyon, and sven join the distraction and assault to the north, Rorkalen sent south to assist in the extraction.

Bunch of Kalinar empire warriors, another minotar, and the human leader enter the fray.

Gilreth damages the existing minotaur, blows apart a second one, and annoys the the leader

gront squares off against the ratkin, cock blocking one of the attackers with his iron codpiece, then devistating them with icebolts. Gront then directs the survivors to flee the town. Note to self, Consider either removing dagger, or decorate it.

Arti flattens the remaining minotaur by screaming at it. Did I meantion he a LOUDMOUTH?

New Orc rallies the troops.

Gront takes out the leader after he’s been battered a bit

Sniper takes down one of the remaining necrodruids who in a fit of anger slays his own ally. These people not right in head.


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