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Rising Plague in Sog

Lock up your Elves

Party Consists of:
Zebediah Stone – Human Criminal (but Good) – Leading

Grontmomble Grumblebelly – Ranger 1st Class
Two-Claw – Cat who Breaks Stuff
Larisa Stone – Elf Lightning Thrower
Vash Kinson – Human Fop
Grok – Goblin Sneak


Problems in Sog. Traveled there to see how other Rangers live. Elves getting very sick, some dying. Seems to be a Dark Elf spread plague.

Fop shared that this might be a repeat of an old plague or curse that caused elves a long time ago (more than a week, at least) to sicken and die. Old plague caused sick to wither and waste away. Known that source of that plague was from Darkness powers trying to kill all elves.

Sog threw together place for sick elves on edge of town, Old and unused tavern (with no beer!) Zeb take everyone in to ask healers questions, puts Larisa outside to guard and not expose her to sick elves. Group of Tenders taking care of sick, no Elves among Tenders.

Sick Elves look very weak. No elf who has gotten sick has recovered, and some have died. Sickness marked by:
1) Weakness and Loss of Hunger
2) Darkened and very apparent veins
3) Vomiting
4) Fever Madness, seeing things not there, reliving past events
5) Thickening of Blood in veins, leading to Death
6) Increased rate of body breakdown, rapid rotting of corpse

Larisa witnessed two elves helping a third sick one towards Tavern (still no Beer. Can have tavern with no beer?) and something making lots of noise from the forest in other direction. 3 Sick elves get to door first and go inside. Family of 4 elves crashing thru forest (Elves suck at stealth). Larisa have good eyes, able to tell family of 4 have become Zombie Elves, but still talking. Child zombie elf crying for Mom. Larisa yells for group to come join her. Everyone rush out.

Larisa blasts three with sparky bolts. Grok hides behind Gront (missing three copper, must have dropped them in fight). Vash yells at everyone. Lot of yelling in this group.

Zombies start running (didn’t know zombies could run) and attack to little effect. Two Claw slaps one aside to distract them. Gront hits two of the zombies (mom and dad) with iceballs. Zombies make a big mess when hit with iceballs, both explode and splatter Zeb and Two Claw in black icky goo. Oops.

As last of zombies go down, someelf inside screams. Gront and Zeb run in first, find lots of sick elves attacking not sick elves. Corpses from downstairs have come upstairs to kill not sick elves.

Unicorn blesses Zeb, making lots of light shine from him. One of healers screams for him to not do that as nearest three zombies explode. Gront made them into gooey black paste, but Zeb turn them into fine black mist. Gront Impressed. One of sick elves falls over choking on something. Sick elves not like bright light, makes them sick faster. Larisa observes out loud that Darkness present but seems to have no one directing it. Not Necro-Druids this time. Larisa makes two more explode with sparky bolts. Grok slips in goo and misses.

Zombie charges Vash, but twiching badly, only hurts him a little. Zeb steps between Larisa and zombies, splattering another one over him and Vash.


Two Claw and Grok work together to take down last zombie. Gront hits Vash with tree, tells him to not be hurt. Gront very persuasive making people not be hurt by hitting them with tree, but only friends, not bad elves.

Calm after fight, Tender says effort to purge Darkness failed and made sick get worse faster. Both powers of Light and powers of Life has problem helping the sick, and seems to make them worse more often than not.

One of Zeb’s people reports that family of Sick Dark Elves thought to be source of Plague, tracked to Sewers under Sog. Zeb orders group to go after them.

Vash not like black goo on clothing (does stink, even Gront think so) so Gront give him second robe to not be naked. Gront think this may be next fashion trend, soon, everyone going to want a Gront Robe.

Gront also offers to guard exit to sewers. Gront want to make it very clear that Gront Not Afraid! Grok say gront Is afraid, but this very much not true. To make this very clear Gront say in very loud whisper at top of lungs that he NOT afraid! Then Gront be sneaky and stealthy.

Grok go in first to be sneaky goblin. Says he smells dead things. Zombies charge down passage to attack Grok and Larisa. Larisa splatters two more zombies, now covering Grok in black goo. This yucky and stinky, even for Gront.

Larisa runs ahead, almost runs into more zombies. Hits front zombie with big stick, makes more mess but not get any on herself. Gront also want to point out that mess not Gront’s fault this time, and Gront still NOT afraid! Just slow and sneaky. Gront want boss to know that ceiling of sewer falling in on zombies very much not Gront’s fault. Sewers very old, probably have fallen in anyways.

Zeb kills another one and someone turns out light. Tunnels fill with darkness. Three blue sparky bolts come out of darkness. Vash and Gront go into super sneaky mode and stop moving.

Grok kills a zombie, impressive hit for little guy. Then kills another with even more impressive blow. Gront owe Grok a beer.

Unicorn blesses Gront, makes him glow. Shadows pull back from Glow. Gront super-not-afraid now, and covers Grok in ice armor and tells him to “go git em little guy!” Two Claws kills two more zombies.

Bad Dark Elves slink out of darkness, male and female. Female surrounded by blue lighting. Male surrounded by black tentacles. Larisa gets into not-cat catfight with Blue Sparky. Hits her with bolts, but lighting seems to eat them, no damage to Blue Sparky. Blue Sparky pissed!

Blue Sparky lashes out at Grok and Larisa at same time. Grok ducks, Larisa slaps aside blow. Gront give Ice Armor to Larisa. Not Gront’’s best work, but it ok.

Dark Elf Male screams at Larisa “Leave my wife alone!” Zeb attacks Blue Sparky, but lightning again seems to hold back blow.

Gront hits Darkness with big ice bolt. This hurts Darkness badly, and darkness (not Darkness) goes away. Larisa follows up and kills Darkness (not darkness, since darkness already gone)

Blue Sparky goes Mad. Madder? Maddest? Tries to slap Larisa but fails.

Zeb gets angry. Makes lighting around Blue Sparky fade slightly. Blue Sparky tries to slap Larisa again, wounds slow her down. Two Claw gets bored and opens Blue Sparkys belly, taking fight (and guts) out of her.

Not sure how, but Larisa makes it thru whole fight with no goo or mist on her. Group looks into when Dark Elves came out of, seem to have set up sleeping space there. Lots of broken glass all over place. Larisa notices that Darkness now taints the water in sewers.

Zeb’s runner meets up with group as group leaves sewers, brings worse news. Elves all over southern kingdoms getting sick. Dark Elves showing up everywhere and breaking glass vials in sewers and waterways. Much of Southern water now tainted with Plague. Seems to have been planned to happen at start of New Year. Vash confirms this seems to be a new version of old plague.

Boss, Zeb wants me to warn you and to have you spread word that Plague showing up all over southern kingdoms, only Elves getting sick. Gront now going to go take first of many baths. Gront not think he need bath, and knows he not need more than one bath, but Tenders say this is best way to not bring plague to other elves.

Will deliver this report in person if you have questions.

Sure it not mean nothing, but Gront feel a little queasy. May lie down for a nap before taking long road back.


p.s. please dont tell anyone I wrote this so clearly, but this too important for Gront’s usually style.


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