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Riders Log: The Quarry of broken Towers

Gamers Giving 3rd game

Albion Longshadow
Luna Sky – Ranger 1st Class
Guriel – Ranger 1st Class
??- Orc Fighter(Gamers Giving Patron)
??- Human mage (Gamers Giving Patron)

From the Eyes of Albion Longshadow

I have never been as lucky to find a Builder that is peaceful. We were led to a cottage by a Lizard that was picking up supplies for the Builder. He was apparently our contact in order to discover where the Prelacy was using a nearby rock quarry. For once I was able to speak to one and I found it intriguing as to his mannerism. I am almost of the opinion that he could not speak because he transmitted his thoughts to the various animals under his control.

He was kind enough to loan us his owl to go and hunt down the Prelacy’s location. We made sure to collect the collar from his Stag familiar and I will return it to him when I have the chance. As we had promised to retrieve evidence of what he called his friend. Curious a Builder would care about something other than stone and metal. This one spoke as if the animals that helped him were his family. It is refreshing to find this.

We arrived at the Quarry and immideiately saw the forces. Myself the Orc and Guriel charged forward trying to use the Cover to the best of our ability. As Guriel and the Orc engaged the Prelacy Commander I rounded the eastern tower trying to flank but ended up running into his soldiers. I made short work of them as I cut them down Luna Rained arrows down. She was able to finally get some air and spot for our magic support. That mage was effective to say the least. As he cut down three of the Prelacy troops. It was the Minotaur we hadn’t seen that proved to be the problem. Guriel managed to cut it’s collar off and the creature turned on the Prelacy and continued to fight along side us till it was just our contingent and the creature. I almost wish the Lizard folk had been with us for the simple reason that Merrick had told me their prowess against these creatures. In the end the Prelacy ended up retreating and we were able to aquire more of the strange lightening technology that they had been using.

As always I await the next call to fight the Prelacy. They are as I see it throwing the balance out of order. They are welcome to stay in their boarders and we will see them beaten back or ended.


GibbenDraxx blackforestspirits

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