Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Jasara

Riders Log: Stones Blood and Brothers

3/2/2014, Home game, PC Report, Merrick Strife

Grontmomble – Ogre mage
Luna Sky, arial support
Telchar, dwarf tinker
Merick, Human caster
Avi, 3/4 elf archer
Tora, kitten warrior
Valkeel, Human Fop
Guriel, Cat Warrior
Zenagog, Not so ugly lizard
Albion Longshadow – Horseman

The ride to the site we had to check out was a couple of days away. Nothing truely interesting was happening. Thanks to Valkeel I could start to see the red threds he claimed were woven through the forest. We set up camp for the night and halfway through we had a visitor. One of my brothers. Albion of the death tribe arrived. I was gladdened to see him and hear that his adventures with the grey rangers. We set out the next morning and came upon a hill lock upon it was a gathering of necromancers and a druid that had to have been on floaters. The Druid as is always the mode killed himself and a great grave soil creature came forth. As our people rushed forward the necromancers called forth a few groups of skeletons which our friend Guriel sped forward without thought and began to make short work. Grontmomble proceeded to take care of the first Tree golems. At this point a harrowing sound came out of the wood as the wild life seemed to change literally with the sudden red energy that was released. Albion moved forward to cover Grontmombles flank. I covered Sarcastic Scales with a few arrows as he engaged a wild boar. Our group made fairly quick work but it was Tora that truly shown as the unicorn seemed to shine through her and destroyed the grave soil golem creature. As with all the experiences in the way of the Unicorn a healing wave of energy cleansed the area. After a quick clean up and proper burial we returned back to base.


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