Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Jasara

Riders Log: Builders and Stone

Arch-Fire HURTS!

Guriel – Ranger 1st Class
Tora – Ranger
Luna Sky – Ranger 1st Class
Telchar – Ranger 1st Class
Merrick – Ranger 1st Class
Arkah Kruu – Ranger
Valkeel Sateer – Ranger 1st Class

Gibbon called us into a quick meeting saying that Bale Darktunnel had called on us to investigate a previous instance of illegal smuggling. His men had found a chamber beyond where the war golems had been found. There was a huge portcullis type of door. I tried to pick the lock on it but to no avail. Guriel proceeded to try to pick the lock with his claw and just as it was about to give Tora slammed into the gate and broke it open. I swear the kitten doesn’t understand stealth. We headed into the complex the stone was hewn in such a way that I would think it was manufactured. We found a store room and inside was all sorts of supplies. I took away a jar of purple minerals. I’m not sure what it is but I’ll find out later. Telchar was amazingly impressed by all the rooms.

Eventually the room terminated in a three way junction. A giant metal cylinder was in the middle of the room. After searching around the apparent work room I found a lever and pulled it. Stupid apparently but nothing bad happened I don’t know what came over me. I happened to see a war golem in the collapsed section of the off shooting tunnels. I think Tora walked off just as the war golem activated. Before I could act I saw a streak of a crossbow bolt fly over my head. It had been Telchar that saved me. That dwarf has amazing aim. The war golem dropped like a dead weight. We decided to investigate further down a red light was showing. At an odd Y junction we found undead builders off to the left. Then a scream. Apparently Guriel and Tora found a group of demons. I had more basic concerns like surviving arch-fire shots. I hate to say it but I went down before I could be of any true help. It is to be noted that as I went down Luna sped to me with a vial of healing. I can’t thank her enough for my life. I am truly grateful. When the dust finally cleared we were left with evidence of demon summoning. Telchar figured out that the metal cylinder in the middle of the first junction was a Krysarium furnace. I was helped to the healers by Luna and Guriel.


GibbenDraxx matthew_schwartz_58

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