Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Jasara

Riders Log: a Village destroyed

Gamers Giving 2nd game

Clank Grumblebelly – Ranger
Meow – Ranger
??- Korindian Healer(E’s new healer)
?? – Orc Fighter (Gamers giving patron)
??- Elf/fop/mage

From the eyes of Albion Longshadow Rider of the Death Tribe

It is without a doubt almost impossible to navigate the roads at this point. Our Avakar brethren are miserable. I can see the sadness they have that they can’t soar the skies. Though having never flown myself I could not in the same way imagine being unable to ride Pale my own horse. Their loss of flight during these storms is a loss of their freedom. I hope a solution is found before it is too late.

As we left the outpost I found myself pondering what happened to a group of outpost soldiers we had found by the lake. The Prelacy has been getting more bold and I want them to pay. My people know their boarders all too well as they have tried to convert us to their beliefs that all non-humans are Less than dirt and deserve a death that disgraces them. The Prelacy have no honor in this belief because it violates the very tenants of the balance. We will not let them expand beyond their boarders. I will send Merrick back to the tribes to call for a council so that we can gather and move against these monsters.

We arrived at a village not long after mid-day and found a group of Prelacy in the town center. We could see them from a distance and were well prepared to charge into them when out of nowhere a Massive storm formed out of nowhere. In our amazement we immediately took cover as lightening rained down on the Prelacy troops. In the blink of an eye they were all gone. In amazement we headed down to investigate and were assaulted by Elementals made of wind, thunder, and lightening. As our group charged the newly formed elemental threat to the village our members worked to gain any advantage. Our healer and one of the new recruits moved into position as myself and Clank tried to charge into the creatures. I don’t think Pale and I were ready for what happened. Apparently Clanks dog is a master at not getting carried away by the wind. But myself well Pale and I went flying backwards despite our best efforts. Eventually we were able to join the others in the fight but it seemed that nature herself was angry with us even trying to fight these things. Eventually we were able to subdue the storm creatures however just as the air cleared a contingent of Prelacy discovered us and immediately retreated as they suspected that we had slaughtered their brethren. As is my tribes way I took the heads of the fallen Prelacy to ensure they would not return as damned creatures.

Our group took off after the other Prelacy as fast as we could. It was no surprise what we found next.


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