Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Jasara

Riders Log: a night at an inn

1/26/2014, Homegame, PC Report, Merrick Strife

Grontmomble Grumblebelly
Sir Clank Grumblebelly
Luna Sky
Avi Hollensword
Sarcastic Scales
Valkeel Sateer
Merrick Strife

Met up with the contingent the Brenchie kit was fun to taunt and trick. After arriving managed to pass the kitten off to the elder Brenchie talked to Grontmomble. Gotta say first Goblinoid that I’ve liked. He has a good mind for command. My brother from the death tribe would love him as he gets along with most goblinoids and dwarfs. Turns out we had to leave the moment we arrived. Headed to Catville. Met a few Merchants on the road talked to them and they talked about corruption that coated the animals. They made it sound like a black viscus liquid was seeping from them. Sems the Famine tribe was right. Joining the rangers was a wise move for all. We sent one from each of the tribes to assist. I hope my brothers fair well. We settled in at the local tavern. At about midnight we were attacked. My comrades went after the sudden enemies without any for thought it seemed. Seemed Ratkin were running into houses as everyone ran to the for front. The two Dragordians immidiately settled on attacking the minotaur. But what disturbed me was the damned one a necromancer and his group of skeletons. from what I could tell I think he was a northerner. He was the danger and apparently Grontmomble knew it. He and Avi both let loose as did I. The Necromancer tried to take out Grontmommble but we made a pin cushion out of him. The pretty lizard actually rushed the minotaur and got beaten pretty badly. However he lived. Gotta say he was a brave one. He did keep that minotaur tied up and unable to rampage at the rest. The Dragordians do have good taste in cow though. Best I’ve had in awhile. I managed to use the grace of the winds to heal the pretty lizard but man that was hard. I think they may have a resistance to shamanic workings. We managed to prep the town and tried to figure out why the ratkin raided so agressived. But no sign as of yet. We were also unable to find anything of the black corruption. I’m sure the Council will want to know especially my own tribesmen.


GibbenDraxx matthew_schwartz_58

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