Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Jasara

Riders Log: A message Delivered a Passenger picked up


From Albion Longshadows Prespective:

Characters Involved:
Griatta – Orc Defender of Gather
Telchar – Ranger 1st Class
Avi Hollensword – Ranger 1st Class
Meow – Ranger
Sarcastic Scales – Corporal
Guriel – Ranger 1st Class

I was sent from Gibbon to make sure that our rangers out in the field weren’t ambushed by Prelacy forces. I was also to deliver a message to the Corporal of the unit. Found them within the Evershade Forrest about a half day in. They had encountered a group of Prelacy warriors or what I thought were. It appeared during their altercation that the wildlife itself attacked. After observing the finishing of the fight only one Prelacy survived. Turned out their commander had died after first trying to scout these cursed lands. The Orc that was with the unit made me chuckle she had the same reaction as Guriel when we first met. Though the Cat was abit more hospitable.
The singular surviving member was almost begging to have his life ended. He wanted to find a new beginning and in the end it was hard work to keep Avi Hollensword from killing the man. As per the traditions of the tribe I offered him safe passage with the Death Tribe in order to keep an eye on him for the Jasara Rangers. The man vehemently claimed he left the Prelacy and was simply wanting to head west into the lands of Sand the Eternal Desert. Against the protests of the rest of the unit I gave him safe passage and handed him over to Elder Horseman Zaranick and his riders. Then proceeded back to rejoin the Rangers.


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