Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Jasara

Return from Stoon

4/13/14 - Home game - GM report - Gibben Draxx

Characters Involved:
Guriel – Ranger 1st Class
Xenagog – Ranger
Telchar – Ranger 1st Class
Arkah Kruu – Ranger
Avi Hollensword – Ranger 1st Class
Meow – Ranger

Mission: Return to Jasara with a full report.

From the Desk of Gibben Draxx:
The team has returned from Stoon with good and bad news. The defenses in Stoon have been reinforced and with any luck they will hold against the prelacy. However the reports of the Prelacy having childer and builders at their command worries me greatly. We will be digging deeper into local builder rumors to try and get us any advantage we can.
The weather has been causing major problems all over as storms have been building stronger in the area. The Druids council are reporting it to be of an alien nature but so far cannot determine more. It has made flight difficult if not impossible and communications have been slow. Roads are being washed out and buildings are flooding.
On the return trip the group was forced to stop in at a roadside tavern for the night. A group of Olaran merchants had also been forced to stop and take shelter. At dusk the group reports being attacked by a tempest of rain and living elementals made of wind and lightning. With the extreme conditions of the tempest the group found it difficult to move much less fight. After a while they were able to defeat them and when the last one fell so did the tempest. The storm continued through the night but the danger seemed to have passed.
A few days later the group arrived back in jasara to report. A message was delivered the next day from the innkeeper of the tavern the group stayed at. He thanked the rangers for their hard work in defending his tavern and guests, however he reported the Olaran merchants wagon had been raided that same night. Searching the area found no tracks as the storm had washed everything away. He reported that while the merchant was not overly happy to reveal it his cargo was a large chest full of Crysarium ore.


GibbenDraxx GibbenDraxx

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