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Prylosee Recon

3/30/2014, Home game, PC Report, Grontmomble

or How the drek did these guys get Arkfire Tech???

(This report, unlike previous reports, is written in a single language, Goblinesh. It is accompanied with crude sketches.)

Party consists of
Grontmomble, Author
Merrick, Diseased Archer
Arkah, Orc Frontline
Guriel, Cat fighter
Sarcastic Scales, Ugly Lizard
Meow Gobblebone, Goblin Healer and pigsticker
Xenagog, Prettier Lizard
Tora, Fuzzball warrior
Telchar, Dwarf Tinker


Dont panic, Gront not get hit on the Head again. But it is work to write these things in so many languages, and Gront is beginning to get a headache. You know that Gront is smarter than he lets on, but Smart Ogres are killed in the north, so it’s second nature to hide. Please keep Gront’s secret.

Dont expect Gront to be eloquent in public, and please dont share the raw form of these reports with others. Burn if possible. Gront still not comfortable coming out of the cupboard at being too smart.

What follows is report of most recent mission.

Palisade being constructed around outpost. Introduction of new goblin Battle Healer.

Reports of Prylose forces continuing to move east to expand borders west and south. Bearheart gather under siege. Sog Gather has fallen. Brenosh Gather still holding. Being sent to gather at Stoon meet with orc contact Argosh.

Reports that the Prylosee is wielding arcfire tech with childer shock troops. This is concerning due to their connection with Chaos. Must investigate and either prove or refute rumors. It’s scaring the young lizards and catfolk.

Uprisings taking place in Kal-anar empire. Desert Princes aiding uprisings. Uncertain what Malikar empire is doing.

Arrived at Brenosh. Reports of Prylosee 2 days march. Reports of Childer forces still being questioned. Rumors that Sog was taken by Childer

Gather is well protected, each gate had significant defense. Gongs and Bells set up at gates for alarms. Lots of reinforcement of existing defenses.

Brinchee design eshapolts to launch goblins from the towers. Discussing turning Behemoths into mobile launch platforms. They (the behemoths) almost dumb enough to try it.

Sent north east to patrol. First day without event. First night of rest is without dreams. Blessed sleep. Gront could get use to this.

Second day, entering the blasted lands. Land is magically scarred and ruined. Come across ruined building, See movement. Minotaur with Ratsin.

After first charge, Merrick firebombs the group (Created arrows tipped with Fuel in vials), alerting them. Loud voice from the building announces the presence of additional ratsin and a minotaur, Battlegolumn with gray skinned short rider and prilosee palidins carrying arctech. Armor looks “assisted”. Suspect Builders are providing Prylosee with assistance, uncertain their reasoning. Prylosee does not play well with others, so uncertain their motivation.

Arcfire tech allows crossbows to fire three bolts at once fortified with electricity.

Ratsin charge out to engage Gront, Xenagog, and SS.

SS and Tora each take out a minotaur with a single blow.

SS horribly mauled, but manages to redirect the next blow to one of the paladins.

Golumn takes hits from multiple sources to little effect.

Gront takes down one of the rats, one of the paladins, and injures the builder, who redirects the golumn to Gront. Oops.

Telchar and Arkah redirect to the Golumn

Paladin lands a nasty blow on SS, resulting in a prylosee brand on his shoulder. SS Kills the builder, causing the golumn to shut down. We are able to take the paladin prisoner at the end.

Able to gather a significant amount of arctech.

Telchar takes one of the shields to experiment with, Gront will look into the Lance.

Aftermath of battle: Each of the Childer was fitted with a collar with a small light on it. Builder has similar equipment, though not a collar. Golumn also had blue lights. Suspect prylosee is somehow controlling Childer thru this technology, so they are little more than slaves, which Prylosee would be ok with. Uncertain if Golumn is necessary for controlling tech to work. Further investigation necessary.

Broke Lance. Pieces fell out. Oops. Will look for another one and be more careful.

Telchar noted the shield was unusually heavy till he managed to trigger it’s inner working and make it function. Shield got much lighter, lighter even that a normal shield. Then he broke it. Gront not feel so bad about breaking lance.

Sending gear along with reports back to camp.



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