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Prelacy Deserters

6/8/14 - Home game - GM report - Gibben Draxx

Planting moon 20 thru red wolf 4

Characters Involved:
Griatta (Carinn – Orc Defender of Gather)
Telchar – Ranger 1st Class
Avi Hollensword – Ranger 1st Class
Meow – Ranger
Sarcastic Scales – Corporal
Guriel – Ranger 1st Class

Gibben will send the team into the Evershade forest. Councilman Leko Kruu has arranged for a small wagon of food and supplies and needs to ensure it is delivered without issue. The storms have made travel difficult and what would normally be a few days will take at least a week.

From the Desk of Gibben Draxx:
With the Storms getting worse we have been working diligently to reinforce and support the local community with food and resources. Its been hard work. In many ways harder than fighting a way. A Ranger patron Leko Kruu has arranged for a relief effort of food and supplies to be sent north to his home gather in the evershades.
We also had a visitor looking for the fabled “Silver Tree”. Interesting that the rumors she has been following led her here. I will make a note to investigate this more myself at a future time.
The group reported the trip to be full of flooded roads and massive overgrowth of the forest. It seems the forest has been thriving with the extra water. Otherwise the trip was uneventful. They were welcomed and treated to as much of a feast as the gather could put together.
Based on reports the Kruu gather has grown since our last visit. Several smaller gathers have joined them to build a better defensive structure. the first signs of walls are starting to form the great hall has been expanded. I look forward to seeing how this gather grows.
After a night of rest Kersh Kruu woke the team and asked for them to investigate a missing patrol. With the storms and prelacy scouting groups they have been only sending one group at a time and have been keeping the patrols small. This one had been out gathering local resources (food, wood, etc) and was due back in the middle of the night.
It took the group a few hours to track them but they eventually found the patrol, unharmed but unconscious and tied to a tree. Their wagon was empty of most all the supplies and the goblinesh had been stripped of gear. It appeared they had been ambushed and robbed.
The group went off in search of the criminals who did this and after several more hours found the trail and eventually found a camp. They found a group of humans fighting off several corrupted creatures (wolves, bears, and spiders). These were similar to the ones fought during the Blood Queens influence. It appears that even though we have stopped her from crossing over, the breach in the veil has remained. While not as widespread the further into the center of the forest we travel the stronger the corruption has nested. I will have to send the group to investigate further at a later time.
Most of the humans didnt survive the fight, and while my rangers did try to save them from the monsters they fought, I’m afraid they didnt pull their punches with the humans either.
After the battle the supplies were recovered in a small cache of a tree and the only remaining human was captured and questioned.
The group were the remnants of a prelacy scouting mission. Sent into the Forest before the storms started. Their commander got them lost and with the dangers of the forest they were ill prepared for an extended stay. Once their commander was killed they had decided to flee the prelacy and start life over. They didnt want to kill anyone, but were hungry and needing supplies to help them along.
Eventually and with great disapproval from Avi the group decided to let him go. They sent him with minimal supplies and gave him directions both to the west and south. It was also hinted we may see him again as a potential recruit. He was after all looking to redeem himself from the crimes he had committed on behalf of the Prelacy.
The group returned to Kruu with the supplies and the patrol and once again greeted with open arms.


GibbenDraxx GibbenDraxx

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