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Dark Druids P1

2/15/14, 7-11p, Ghengis Con 2014, GM: SDG, PC report, Grontmomble

Characters Involved
Bear, Grontmomble Grumblebelly – Ranger 1st Class Ogre Magi
Ellen Garrett, Guriel – Ranger, Cat Warrior
Sean Fannon, Artivan, Grumpy Loudmouth Priest
Gary Watkins, Rinka, Goblin Sneakthief
Chris Sneary, Thufa, Walking Landmass
Rob Leary, Leeroh, Metal Hating Big Fist
Ross Watson, Sir Stefan Draugrsbanee, Human Loudmouth Warrior

Track down kidnapped 3 non-Necro Druids before they get converted

(Note, in traditional fashion, this report is a scrawl of Galen, Goblinish, Kalinesh, and Childer, written backwards and upsidedown, with stickfigures and symbols interspersed.)


Notes on mission

Gibbon thinks they have figurted out the malikar notes and reports. Has found map of general region. 2 days to north seems to be Necromancer gathering. Part of their ritual seems to be the sacrifice of “Noble Souls” in this case the 3 druids. Not sure what is so noble about Druids. Guys love the forest so much they wont even tear off a leaf to wipe their own asses.

Note: New Holy Guy know how to stitch up wound, but no magic healer.

able to get back to Oakton, explain Black Ooze

Some of party has bad dreams of black ooze.

Arti send Leeroh, thufa, and Gurial ahead to scout. Find group with two twisted bears, 2 Necrodruids, 2 puppet semi-necro-druids, bunch of skeletons. Necrodruids casting ritual to summon pool of black goo.

Arti blesses Guriel, Sir, Art, Gront.

Arti rushs in and kills bunch of skeletons with light.

Two of the four necrodruids seem puppet like. After Art blasts everyone with light, other two druids slash and kill puppets. Blood pools with black ooze. Ooze exploodes and giant trees start uprooting and moving into clearing with additional bears. Center of clearing filled with frayed magic yarn ball. Luckily Guriel did not see that part, only visual to magic people.

Additional 2 necrodruid on edge of clearing.

Holy man runs in and makes speach. Something about Holy People makes them loud and windy. Remind Gront to never become Holy, he Windy enough as it is.

Fight starts.

Bears aparently easy to hit, hard to damage with stuff other than Bright Light and Loud Words.

Guriel and Leeroh charge to the right to take on bear and necrodruid

Gront annoys two of the Necrodruids with iceballs.

Walking House smashs down one of the bears while Arti makes bright light and noise to flatten most of the skelitons and another bear.

Necrodruids summon two really disgusting six foot tall leaches with toothy sphincter mouths. Silly design, kinda gross. Necros also summon two warped earth golumns after Arti taunts them. Need to put cork in him.

Loud other human makes another speach and steps into center of things.

Leachmen move wierd, not actually touching the ground when the move.

Gront levels two more of the necrodruids.

Arti keeps shouting and glowing. This seems to confuse the trees and leach men. Big Ogre then smashs flat one of the rocks. Gronts ice bolts seems to freeze the leach men, causing one to congeel and shatter.

Guriel Climbs into one of the tree monsters to aparently go after whatever was making it move. Need to ask her about that later.

Knight lifts his blade and babbles something about a dragon. With a bright glow he smites one of the tree beasts. There is no splatter of goo, the corruption was just gone. We need to learn this trick. With less words.

Rinka leaps into one of the trees and manages to bring it down with a well placed blow. Rename him Treeslayer.

Arti tries to offer up his life to allow the Horned horsie to clense the area. The Knight steps in and takes the energy from the offering on his sword as Gront offers his own energy to help the clensing. The results is a burst of energy seeming to revive many of the dead life spirits, levels the remaining trtee spirit and returning the rock golumn to a statue.

The Knight seems driven into a deep sleep of total peace, and snowflakes drift down around the clearing. Not sure what caused that. Arti seems to think it’s my fault, but thats obviously not possible. Gront not have that kind of power.

You tell anyone otherwise and I wont put out your next accident in the lab.


GibbenDraxx GibbenDraxx

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