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Bloodsuckers at the Inn

2/16/14, 2-6p, Ghengis Con 2014, GM: SPF, PC report, Grontmomble

Party Consists of
Shawn Gore, Valkeel Sateer – Ranger, Fop Magician
Avi Gore, Luna Sky – Ranger, Air Support
Bear Stanley, Grontmomble Grumblebelly – Ranger 1st Class, Me
Brian McCabe, Dorion, Tiny Warrior
Sebastian Coar, Crabius
Sean Fannon, Artivan, Loudmouth Healer

Yet Another Walkabout, check countryside after the Necro-Druids Failure

(Report is a wandering blend of galean, Goblinish, Kalinesh, and Childer written upside downs and backwards)

New recruits escorting us on yet another walkabout. Ether seems clear of threads and such, but Valkeel notes a very minor remnant which is retreating north.

Headed to Darrow Inn, small homestead and farm that acts as an inn and waystation.

Callihan Darrow is owner, wife Cecilia is inn mistress. ALso have Bathhouse Mistress to arange Baths. Carl is Blacksmith.

Gave gift of finely tailored garments to replace the muddy and torn covering Artivan was wearing. Seemed thankful.

Also in Residence at inn is a Malikarian Trader named Antony. Transports “Unique Goods”. Think that means smuggler.

Another group in residence, group of five from the south, possibly wildlanders.

Group splits up on arival. Artivan really needed a bath, so off to the bathhouse. Dorin sets up with a cigar in the courtyard, gront to the blacksmith, Valkeel goes to examine the horses of the visitor, Crabius also sets up in teh courtyard and Luna hangs out in the main room.

Staff seems very protective of well, do everything to steer people away from it. More time passes, stranger all of them acting.

Something involving The Way seems to be interfeering with perception. It seems that all Magical perception is dampened, not even noticing each other’s aura.

A mass of blood and muscle and goo errupts from the well, forming into a 12 foot tall critter that exudes black blood tendrals. The tendrals grab Crabius and Gront, pinning them.

Seven men dressed as from the Malikar empire come boiling out of the inn, knocking Antony aside and Calihan down.

Celestial chorus, lights and shit from inside the bathhouse.

Valkeel blasts the critter with a jet, and part of the building

The critter reacted poorly to be struck by Luna’s Arrow.

Crabius knocks the critter prone by burrowing and dragging it down

Strange lady walks out of the ruined building and gets into gronts mind, forcing him to attack Valkeel, though he breaks free at the last moment and redirects to the critter on the ground.

Luna manages to level the critter with an arrow with assistance from Valkeel and his stick.

darkness boils out of the building, a necromantic obscure field. Seems to have been a Vampire. and is carrying some kind of strange boom stick.

Aparently the purpose of the boomstick is to blow up in the wielders hand, knocking them backwards and doing horrible damage to the wielder. Not sure why anyone would want to own one of these. Not on Christmas list.

Woman tries to control Gront’s mind again, but Gront angry now. Pin the woman against the wall and freeze her in place with ice around neck,. then blasts one of the other casters, getting rid of the darkness.

Suddenly swarm of bats fills the inn, but doesnt attack anyone. Must have been their time for migration.

Luna staples the vampire to the wall, exploding in a wash of blood.

Bringing the prisoner to you.

Vampire was aparently brought thru by one of the rituals and was being escorted back to the dominion.

Magic was being cloaked by a mystic Cloak Stone in the well, which we will be bringing to you.

Note to command, per Artivan, HEALERS ARE NOT OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT!!!!

carry over 1 bennie.


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