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2/2/14 - Player Report - Grontmomble

Grontmomble Grumblebelly
Sir Clank Grumblebelly
Luna Sky
Avi Hollensword
Sarcastic Scales
Valkeel Sateer
Abandoned by Scott, the party continues on to Catsville on it’s goodwill tour

After Action Report:

I know things are a mess right now, so I’ll keep this short.

Party moved on from Settlers Crick towards Catsville after talking with the leader in Settlers about what to expect.

Received the new recruits of the Diseased Human archer, the kitten, and Clank. Did you have to send Clank? He’s gonna be such a pain, though he does seem to have improved from our time in the north. He’s not quite as annoying now as he use to be. Only had to hit him once to shut him up.

Encountered several caravans and travelers on the road from Catsville. Warned that there had been reports of attacks by deformed animals. Likely more evidence of the Black Ooze.

Once in Catsville, met the leader Anisomethingorother. Aparently the town has a high population of Cats who are followers of Kor, though they dont have the traditional hate for Metal that most Korites have. Guriel also seems to have spent some time here.

Found out from the Ugly Lizard that he witnessed Valkeel as a prisoner of the Prylosy break free. Ugly doesnt trust him becuase he was a slave who showed skill in Magic, and he thinks that is suspiscious. Not sure I agree since I cast my first icebolt when I was 4 without anyone teaching me how.

Planned to stay the night in Catsville but was disturbed before beddown by the village alarm. Heading outside we found numberous Ratkin swarming the village and robbing the houses. Additionally we had to deal with a Minotar, yet Another Death Druid, and 9 recently raised skeletons. Wasn’t much of a fight. Few injuries on our part, though the Pretty Lizard and Clank dove into the mess of critters. PL Got banged up, but the Diseased Archer was able to heal him up afterwards. Clank ran maddly around the battlefield looking for enemies with little success. Might want to look into finding him a smaller helm so he can see better.

Next morning your messanger recalled us to the home base in Core, telling us about the fall of Oakton.

And yes, I’ll move the bed myself. Probably best.

Ready for the retaliation,



GibbenDraxx GibbenDraxx

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