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Ambassador Ravenwing's Visit

From the desk of Gibben Draxx
5th of Harvest moons 3123

Report for the visit of Druidess Enorin RavenWing during Raining Leaves 24-26, 3123

I’ve held off on filing this report so I could take the time to see all the fallout that would occur from these events. I am not proud of my rangers and as their commander take full responsibility for what has come of their actions.
The day started normally enough really. I was given word of an Ambassador visit from the Rangers. The Druidess Ravenwing was to help convince the Council of Nine in Jasara to sign the Ranger Charter giving us a more official authority in the area. As most of the council doesn’t like us much and only tolerates us to appease public opinion I doubt she will have much luck. I prepped my rangers and made sure the Outpost and the Tavern were in good order.
On her arrival, Valitor spent much of the morning falling all over himself trying to please the Druidess and offered his services in whatever capacity she required. She proved herself a diplomat in taking the flattery and praises with a smile. Once everyone was settled in Ravenwing briefed us on her mission to help the Council of Nine sign the Ranger Charter. Before she proceeded into town she did ask for the rangers to investigate a matter of importance in the area. It seems several minor nobles and statesmen have gone missing or been found dead on more than one occasion recently. None of the events have been major or have even been in the same city or kingdom, but the frequency is what has raised attention. The intelligence she has been able to gather points to a group of Malakaran assassins as the responsible party and they have set up shop in the City of Jasara.
I dispatched a small group to investigate as quickly as possible. Valitor, Griatta, Guriel, Krazkar, and Jan silvergear set out for the city to talk to some of our contacts. The group began by visiting our Council of Nine contacts Bale Darktunnel and Leko Kruu. While giving them a heads up on the upcoming visit from the Druidess they learned that House Dolinar has been run out of Jasara, at least for the time being. Bale and Leko are both going to reach out to the rest of the Council to try and sway opinions on the charter for us. They also reminded the group to speak with Byon Edgewater in the market. He has aided us before with information on some floater traffic in the docks. This time the group was able to learn that House Fayden has been using a house on the north side of town. From what he has gathered its a place for visiting agents and merchants alike to gather and stay while in town.
While Valitor spent a months wages on some new cloths from Byon in gratitude for his aid. The rest of the group had been watching the market. Krazkar noticed one merchant watching valitor closely and sending a young boy with a message to a house on the north side. Once the group was back together and compared notes it seemed the boys destination aligned with the address Byon had provided.
From what the group tells me, they used the idea of a possible child in danger excuse to try and gain entry to the home and lot. Jan used some dwarven tech to see inside the building while Valitor and Krazkar tried to speak with the guards at the door. No sign of a child on the property existed by the guards admission and by Jan’s investigation. After trying one door the group spread out around the property to look around more without going inside. Valitor approached another door to try and gain entrance and was again denied. Valitor lost his temper and kicked in the door.
At this point I want it on record that my rangers have already been disciplined and these type of actions will NOT occur again. A copy of this report is also being filled with the Druids Council of Jasara, Council of Nine and the City watch. So that we as rangers are showing that we are not a pack of wild dogs and want to work in cooperation and transparency to the local governments and guardsmen. That this was an isolated incident and this type of behavior will not happen again.
As small skirmish broke out at this point by the residents of the home defending themselves against the rangers. The gritty details are not important only that the situation was ended by one of the House leaders fleeing the residence to find the city watch. Valitor went with him and other than a few minor injuries and damage to the door, the situation was resolved. Before leaving the scene the rangers did pay House fayden from their own pockets to replace the door.
To say the least no evidence of assassins was found and the rangers were politely asked to leave town for a few days. When they returned I was briefed by each member of the team and the Druidess helped me work through the details. After speaking with my fellow commanders we decided that the Entire team would spend the week restricted guard and cleaning duty. As Valitor was the instigator and Krazkar his direct commander they were both sent to work for the city watch for an additional 2 weeks. This work was without pay from the rangers and their assignments would be determined by Yer’ach Kale (commander of the City watch) with supervision by our own Sergeant Major Balorin Randel.
Two days after this incident the Druidess visited Jasara to see the city and meet the Council of Nine. She had visited with Councilmen Darktunnel and Kruu and they have made great progress in bringing the Council of nine to our side. Councilmen Jysalin Balnor and Moke Ekala have both agreed to vote for the charter. This leaves us a political battle to get the remaining vote. While this is good news it may be difficult to accomplish. While on a tour of the city with Bale Darktunnel the Druidess and the guards provided by the Council were attacked at the edge of the lower market. Bale survived with only minor injuries. I’m saddened to report the Druidess did not survive the attack along with over half of the guards. We will continue to investigate through all official channels and work diligently with the City watch to find these criminals and bring them to justice.


GibbenDraxx GibbenDraxx

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