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12/15/13 Little Lost Druid

Submitted by BearMichaelStanley on Sun, 12/29/2013 – 03:28
Mission Assignment:
Go wandering out into the wilderness and locate the little lost druid. Preferably bring him back alive

After Action Report:
Quick Catchup: After last mission for ugly orc councilmember, group returned to big cluster of fucks in city with Arrogant Lady Councilmember being dead and Orc knocked out by someone showing Red Flash Ability. Been Informed this is some kind of Dead Nasty Magic spell that lets enemy tel-uh-port away from us. Have seen it used twice before. Annoying.

Long, Dry questioning by city guard. Guard not amused when I got bored and pegged him with slush-ball when his back was turned. Dont know how he can blame me. He wasn’t looking. Could have been some other Ice Crafting Ogre who wasn’t in the room. Guards have no sense of humor. Threatened with Finger Up Butt.

Returned to house after more than 1 day of questions. Guards would ask question, then few minutes later, ask same question in different way. As if asking in different way was going to get them different answer. Pointed this out after fourth time. Might want to tell officials that their guards have really bad memories and should be replaced with people who can remember things first time they are told. Stupid Guards.

Not only do they use stupid Guards, they use Druids who can aparently get lost in woods. Had to go out yet again, this time to find little lost druid. FOund Druid Omar being held by unpleasant dumb thugs who were trying to ask him questions. Thugs should know if they overdose people on Floaters, not going to get good answers. Ap-i-luh-cay-shun of floaters is a science, and should not be done by am-a-tures. You would think Bad Guys would know this.

Very short fight with Bag Guys. Three members of thugs seem to have been Death Druids (Not sure how this work.) Healer killed two of the druids (not Omar) and thug smacked third one too hard in back of head for being stupid. Other big Bag Guy grabbed necklace and vanished in red glow. Really not liking this Red Glow. Can we get Blue Glow to Counter it?

Got two thugs to give up and took them to druids (Omar’s druids, hopefully not on Floaters too. Not Death Druids as that would be stupid and something Guards might do as mistake. Stupid Guards.) Learned a whole lot of not much. Obvious Malakar Dom is behind this. Someone mentioned a Store painted Red being involved. Havent seen any red-painted stores in the city that seem sus-spish-ush.

Group going seperate ways to look for answers in city. I going to go to Goblin Town to buy drinks. Oh, and ask questions. Going to ask about Malikars, strange plant an animal life, and Store of Red. Hopefully Either I or others will find something that will tell us who needs smashing. Havent turned anyone into blocks of Ice in a while. Need to keep skills up. May need to start practicing on rats and flying rats in city soon.

On side note, to remind the Goblin, Healers Still Not Optional Equipment. If I am required to do backup healing after freezing things, will need por-tuh-bull source of essence. Can Essence even be bottled? What about things Imb….(scratch out) Umbr…..(scratchout) Things with healing magic stuck to it. They make those? Because having one or two of those to keep us on our feet would be nice.

Oh, and also want big, thick, shiny, mobile wall or building for battlefield. Arrows also getting annoying.


Additional Information:
(Note: As always, this report is a backwards and upsidedown drift of four different languages dotted with really awful stick-figure drawing that are often a better and more decipherable retelling of events. This time, there are a number of splotches on the page, where charchol snapped from too much pressure. It can easily be assumed there was some frustration in writing this report. There is also a stain on the lower left corner of the page that, upon further examination, appears to be spilled beer.)


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